Jeff Owens


REVIEW: Tell Tale

A Tale Hardly Worth Telling Which have there been more of: movies "inspired" by Edgar Allan Poe stories or movies about transplanted body parts manifesting c...

REVIEW: Green Lantern

Green Lantern: More Brightest Day than Blackest Night If Parallax, the big bad monster from Green Lantern, feeds on fear, he could have gorged on my expectat...

REVIEW: Out There

Let's see what's Out There Over the holidays, I watched a movie called Wrecked (2010), in which Adrien Brody awakens trapped in the wreckage of a car with no...

REVIEW: Little Deaths

A little death, a LOT of sex It's been a while since I've seen a movie as kinky as Little Deaths. I'm no prude, but this one had me squirming. It's from Engl...

REVIEW: Odd Thomas

It's not odd; Thomas is quite entertaining! Back when I had time to read, one of my favorite authors was Dean Koontz. In fact, one of my favorite novels to thi...
Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens

Managing Editor, Senior Movie Critic, Reporter

Kansas City Film Critics Circle,, 1/2 of Classic Horrors Club podcast, Unsung Horrors (contributing author).