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I want my Mama, but this isn't it. Three weekends into 2013, and I've already suffered my first big moviegoing disappointment of the year. I guess I should l... READ MORE >

REVIEW: The Clinic

There's Only One Reason to Check Into The Clinic Normally, I’m not a fan of “sword and sandal” epics. I liked neither Gladiator nor 300. However, earlier this ... READ MORE >

REVIEW: Byzantium

Beautiful Byzantium is the Right One to Let In Director Neil Jordan isn't necessarily known for horror, although he helmed both Company of Wolves (1984) and In... READ MORE >


Don't crawl; run to see this movie! If the Coen Brothers married Alfred Hitchcock and Bernard Herrmann was at the wedding, the ceremony would likely look a lot... READ MORE >

REVIEW: Stitches

This Gorefest Will Keep You in Stitches coul·ro·pho·bi·a (kool-ruh-foh-bee-uh) noun An abnormal fear of clowns. Sixteen-year old Tom (Tommy Knight) has good r... READ MORE >
Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens

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