Jeff Owens


REVIEW: Nailbiter

Severe Movie Alert: Take Shelter with Nailbiter! As deadly storms ripped through the Midwest last weekend, I couldn't help but think their victims probably suf... READ MORE >

REVIEW: The Raven

Quoth the critic, "Nevermore" To say The Raven is a disappointment is not exactly true; I didn't expect much from it. To say it is a squandered opportunity isn... READ MORE >

REVIEW: Pandorum

In space, no one can hear you yawn On paper, the sci-fi/action/horror hybrid Pandorum sounds like a good idea. At an undetermined time in the future, the cr... READ MORE >

REVIEW: Triangle

Being a horror fan, I see a lot of movies that are, quite honestly, not very good. Low budgets, bad acting and recycled stories are, more often than not, the no... READ MORE >
Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens

Managing Editor, Senior Movie Critic, Reporter

Kansas City Film Critics Circle,, 1/2 of Classic Horrors Club podcast, Unsung Horrors (contributing author).