Jeff Owens


REVIEW: Pacific Rim

The most fun you'll have at a movie… guaranteed! I hate the business of movies right now. I've been reading all week that Pacific Rim was "tracking" to be th...


Craving a Better Movie When I experience frustrating situations, I sometimes imagine I can do things with my mind: you know, make a stoplight change, an elev...

REVIEW: Cheap Thrills

Cheap, but Very Disturbing, Thrills Found in Fantastic Fest Screening No matter how good the script, no matter how well acted the performances, no matter how...

REVIEW: The Colony

Most post-apocalyptic thrillers take place in the hot, dusty ruins of a society destroyed by war or nuclear fallout. If you can give The Colony (in theaters Sep...

REVIEW: Man of Steel

I don’t want to hear any whining about the new Superman movie, Man of Steel. No, it's not like any previous version of the iconic hero's story that we've seen b...

REVIEW: Black Death

Director Christopher Smith (Severance, Triangle) takes us to 1398 where the black plague has cast a shadow over Europe. Paranoia is running rampant along with a...


I want my Mama, but this isn't it. Three weekends into 2013, and I've already suffered my first big moviegoing disappointment of the year. I guess I should l...
Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens

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