To celebrate one year of Rotten Rentals (our online shop) we are announcing 7 prizes over 7 days.

Rotten Rentals combine the sense of nostalgia we use to get from going to our local video shop and renting our favorite horror and sci-fi films on VHS with vintage trading cards we use to collect as kids. Mash the two together and you have Rotten Rentals. VHS cases with throwback artwork that contain vintage trading cards, mini zombie figures, zombie tarot cards, creepy crawlies, buttons, stickers and more!

To celebrate our first year online we want to give a bigfoot sized THANK YOU to all of our loyal customers who have helped make our first year amazing!

Tell us your favorite TALES FROM THE CRYPT Episode of all-time and why in the comment section below. Please include your email address so we can contact you if you win! A winner will be randomly selected on December 18th, 2014. You must be 18 years old to enter. We will only ship within the U.S. at this time. Good luck and Stay Rotten!


– Vintage Packs of Cards
– Tales From the Crypt Trading Card Pack
– A Monster in My Pocket
- Coachroaches
– Bates Motel Temporary Tattoo






  • Nick

    My favorite tales from the crypt is what’s cookin always loved the story as a kid of this one

  • axeslasher

    I honestly have too many favorites to list, but here’s two that always bring a smile to my face:

    Korman’s Kalamity (1990)
    A comic artist with a monstrous wife that demeans him daily because of his chosen vocation. Little does she know that the things Korman draws end up actually going bump in the night…

    Easel Kill Ya (1991)
    A struggling artist finds his niche… By painting the freshly dead. The morbid paintings rocket him to stardom, but his bloody scheme comes back to bite him in the end.

    Cool contest, love the site! KC, i think you’d dig our music — ugly death/thrash focused exclusively on all things creepy, heeby, and jeeby. Email:

    • KC Canton

      Congrats! You have won our Rotten Rentals Tales From the Crypt VHS Pack! Please
      send your name and mailing address within 3 days to to claim your prize!

      Happy Horrordays!

  • Phil Truman

    “What’s Cookin'” with Christopher Reeve and Meatloaf. To this day it has always stuck with me.

  • Dustin Bramlett

    “And All Through The House” It was one of first episodes I’ve ever seen and ever since I’ve gotta watch it around xmas every year.

  • Drew Forshey

    (Season 4 Series) Split
    Personality/Split Second was the name of a
    different episode about a lumberjack boss (Brion James) and his wife.
    She’s a seductress, and she woos a young lumberjack into dangerous
    sexual encounters. Typical morality tale ensues with a fun twist, a good
    Tales offering. But the Joe Pesci/twins episode is indeed called Split

  • Stephen Gilliam

    “Let the Punishment Fit the Crime” When Geraldine Ferrett looks at the old looking photo with a public hanging, then notices a modern day car in the background it always freaks me out.

  • Meredith Ries

    “Top Billing”. That was incredibly memorable for me. Loved the twists (so much so that I won’t spoil them. If you haven’t seen this one, check it out)!. I used to love watching Tales from the Crypt as a kid and getting scared during the opening song (I was terrified of the Crypt Keeper).

  • Tack

    One of my favorites is “Death of Some Salesman” because it was the first one I had ever watched. Also it features Tim Curry. Email:

  • Jacqueline Smith

    My favorite is “My Brother’s Keeper,” mainly because it reminds me of the ” Odd Couple.”

  • Darc_Ecko

    My favorite is “Undertaking Palor” to me it had the most realistic feel and some added comedy.

  • Tasha Holmes-French

    My favorite is “Death of Some Salesman”. Tim Curry was awseome playing different characters! And I loved Ed Begley,Jr. characters ration when he open up the microwave and found the head!

  • bill norris

    “And All Through the House” i loved the killer who was weirdly dressed as Santa. Coll episode.

  • Eddie Brophy

    “Television Terror,” it was the first episode of Tales from the Crypt I had ever watched. I snuck out into my living room when I was five years old and my dad was watching it on the couch. It was one of those rare moments where he let me stay up and watch t.v. that late with him. He passed away this past September from Cancer, so I guess there’s sentimental reasons for favoring that one. It also features Morton Downey Jr which is awesome on so many levels.

  • John M

    My favorite episode is the new arrival. I like this episode because of the way we think felicity is just a little girl, but you hear here mom say her dad is getting back from the war any day now and still don’t relize the girl is over 100 years old you just think the mother is psychotic herself.


  • Evan

    “What’s Cookin” is my all time favorite. Why? Well, for one Meatloaf is in it.