Enter for a chance to win THE LAZARUS EFFECT Prize pack! For a chance to win tell us who you would bring back from the dead.  A former President, sports figure, comedian or loved one? Tell us your answer in the comment section below. Be sure to include your email address so we can contact the winner!



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From masters of horror Blumhouse Productions- producer of THE PURGE, INSIDIOUS and SINISTER franchises – THE LAZARUS EFFECT follows a group of researchers led by Frank (Mark Duplass) and his fiancée Zoe (Olivia Wilde,) who’ve achieved the unimaginable- bringing the dead back to life.  After a successful, yet unsanctioned, trial on a newly deceased animal, the team is ready to unveil their breakthrough to the world. When the dean of their university learns of their underground experiments, their project is unexpectedly shut down and their materials confiscated.

Frank, Zoe and their team (Donald Glover, Sarah Bolger and Evan Peters) take matters into their own hands, launching a rogue attempt to recreate their experiment, during which things go terribly wrong and one of their own, Zoe, is horrifically killed. Fueled by terror and grief, Frank pushes them to do the unthinkable: attempt to resurrect their first human test subject.
Initially, the procedure appears a success, but the team soon realizes something is wrong with Zoe. As her strange new persona reveals itself, the team quickly becomes stuck in a gruesome reality. They are no longer faced with the question of whether they can bring someone back to life- but rather, the wrath of her return.  #EvilWillRise

Release: February 27, 2015

Director: David Gelb

Written By: Luke Dawson and Jeremy Slater

Starring: Mark Duplass, Olivia Wilde, Donald Glover, Evan Peters, Sarah Bolger

Producers: Jason Blum, P.G.A., Jimmy Miller, Cody Zwieg, P.G.A.

Executive Producers: Matt Kaplan, Jeanette Volturno-Brill, Luke Dawson, Gloria Fan

Rating: PG-13


  • jmagg4

    I am thinking that Phil Hartman wasn’t finished killing us with laughter yet!

  • Spidey55

    Elvis (even though I’m not convinced he’s dead!). But I’d bring him back as his cool ’50s version so he could show today’s musicians how it’s done!

  • bill norris

    My dad…. it would be nice to hear his advice and be able to just kick back with him.

  • HorrorSquirrel

    Fred Gwynne. I’d love to talk to him about his time on The Munsters and see what he’d think of horror-themed TV shows today.

    • KC Canton

      Congrats you have won our LAZARUS EFFECT Prize pack & Fandango Card! Please send us your shipping address within 3 days to claim your prize! Failure to do so will forfeit your prize to another person. Thanks!

  • Josh

    There are a lot of actors that died before their time and could have contributed so much more if they had lived longer. Robin Williams, Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Belushi, Heath Ledger, Chris Farley to name a few. Also I’d bring back comic artist Jean “Moebius” Giraud. And Jack Kirby while I’m at it.

  • shazam31

    I’d bring my mom back. I miss her.

  • Jacqueline Smith

    A family member would be my obvious choice but, there are too many to choose from. So, I’ll go with Elvis# TheKingLivesInMyHeart

  • David Keel

    I would bring back my dog. dak02 (at) Hotmail (dot) com

  • Mical

    I would bring back Abe Lincoln

  • Stephanie Grant

    I have to go with outlaw Jesse James so he could show me all his secret hiding places of his buried treasure!

  • Will
  • EnjoyCortney

    I would bring back my boyfriend’s grandpa because he meant the world to him.