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Indie Produced ‘Don’t Run’ Plays on Childhood Fears

Don't Run
Credit: October Coast / Ben Hood

If you’re not in bed on time tonight, kids, the monster will get you!

From director Ben Rood comes ‘Don’t Run’, a horror-fantasy born from the fear files of children everywhere.

A timid boy is trapped inside his house with a monster that threatens to eat him if he isn’t in bed by sundown every night. He is visited by what looks to be a shorter version of slender man that ask him to heed the warning.

Charlotte Arnold, Holly Arnold, Grant Brooks, Dan Foley, Danny Irizarry and Cody Cheatwood star.

Written, directed, produced, edited and financed by Cincinnati-native Ben Rood, Don’t Run is a little indie horror film that could. Stream it now on Amazon Prime!


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