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Dungeons & Dragons Documentary ‘Eye of the Beholder’ Explores the Artwork Behind the Game

Eye of the Beholder
Credit: The Nacelle Company

Calling all dungeon masters!

‘Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons,’ the definitive documentary chronicling the history, legends, and inspirations behind, and the building of, the realms and characters behind the game.

It takes a deep-dive into the monsters, heroes, and adventures that the game brings to life, the film features more than forty interviews with D&D and fantasy illustration heavyweights including Larry Elmore, Jeff Easly, Clyde Caldwell, Brom, Tony DiTerlizzi, Todd Lockwood, Erol Otus, Margaret Weiss, and many more.

‘Eye of the Beholder: The Art of Dungeons & Dragons,’ is out May 14th via The Nacelle Company on iTunes, Google, Xbox, Vimeo, Amazon, Vudu, Comcast, Cox, Spectrum, and more. Until then you can check out the trailer and some rad poster art below.



Eye of the Beholder
The Nacelle Company
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