Dark Intentions Lurk in This Exclusive Clip from Sci-Fi Thriller ‘Black Hollow Cage’

BLACK HOLLOW CAGE follows Alice, a thirteen year old girl, lives with her father, Adam, in a huge house in the woods following a car accident in which the girl lost her mother and part of her right arm.

She hates her father and blames him for the accident. Rehabilitation proves to be tough and she can barley handle the new electronic arm that she has to wear.

In addition, she has a strong bond with Beatrice, a female wolf dog that talks through an electronic translation device that it carries around its neck, whom she calls Mom. What a mind trip that sentence was to write.

The house in the woods and part robotic arm first reminded me of EX MACHINA. But the mystery lies in the woods itself and the mysterious black box. Check out the EXCLUSIVE clip and official trailer below.

This sci-fi horror thriller will be in select theaters and on VOD today, February 9th!