First Clip from Upcoming Possession Thriller ‘A Demon Within’

We have the first clip from the upcoming possession thriller A DEMON WITHIN. It is getting a  limited run in theaters and on VOD on January 12, 2018 via Blue Fox Entertainment.

In the clip, Charlotte Larsen (Patricia Ashley) is supposed to be babysitting a young boy.  The mother of the boy arrives to pick him up, but little does she know, Charlotte has been possessed by a demonic spirit…

In 1914, Crestwick, a demonic spirit named Nefas surfaced to prey on a family, ending with the death of an innocent young girl. The mysterious events haunted the mid-western community for years. Now, decades later, a skeptical doctor must stop history from repeating itself by confronting his personal demons and fighting to save the life of a teenage girl who has become possessed in his family’s old house.