‘Gerald’s Game’ Trailer Reveals Netflix’s Foray Into Survival and Isolation

A new trailer has dropped for Netflix’s film adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Gerald’s Game. The film adapts the novel’s story of a kinky sex game gone wrong, leaving a woman trapped and struggling to escape and survive when her husband dies after handcuffing her to a bed.

With King being known for epic tales such as IT, The Stand, The Dark Tower, and Under the Dome that feature scores of characters and sprawling settings, Gerald’s Game with its tale of one character who is trapped in one room and can’t leave is very much a departure. The trailer indicates that the film seems to be adhering faithfully to the novel’s events, with the woman facing horrors as grim as dehydration and curious feral dogs, ranging to frightening repressed memories of a solar eclipse witnessed as a child.

Gerlad’s Game is directed by Mike Flannagan (Occulus, Hush) and stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood. It becomes available for streaming on Netflix on September 29th.