Jigsaw Will Return for More Games… Probably (Definitely)

The Saw franchise returned this past year after 7 years in the grave, and it turns out absence does make the heart grow fonder. Jigsaw grossed $100 million worldwide and was a rousing success for Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate. The continuing adventures of John Kramer (Tobin Bell) seem to be at its hottest point in years

Bloody Disgusting reported this week that Twisted Pictures are having “conversations” about continuing the franchise for a 9th film, although nothing is set in stone. They also reported that the Spierig Brothers would not be returning to the director’s chair.

I don’t want to cry “fake news” because that statement is ruining American discourse. But there’s no way 9th Saw film will not be made. Sure there might not be anything official yet, but Twisted acting like they’re only considering making a sequel to a movie that made 10 times its production budget is absurd. I will also add that I am always down for more Saw films. I was too young to experience 80’s slasher sequels coming out every year, so these movies are the closest i’ve gotten to that experience.

Are you all excited for another Saw movie? Do you think the franchise still has life to it?