Don Your Mask, Grab Your Machete, & Hit the Start Button – ‘Slayaway Camp’ is Here!

It is a dilemma as old as the stars: you can either watch a gory slasher horror film or you can play a cutesy, brain-teaser puzzle game, but you can’t do both. It took thousands of years and the creativity of the game developers at Blue Wizard Digital, but now you can finally say “yes I can!” as you gleefully lop off heads in the most adorable horror game ever made.

That game is Slayaway Camp. In an age of 80’s slasher movie tributes, this game is an 80’s slasher movie tribute for the ages. It lets players take control of the hulking, coverall-clad mass murderer Skullface who is out to clear the idyllic campground of obnoxious teenagers, meddling cops, and anything else that gets in his way.

Well, maybe not quite everything that gets in his way, for Slayaway Camp is a sliding puzzle game and each level is a tiny maze that Skullface must navigate to reach his victims and then onward to the exit when the killing is done. Skullface can only slide along and can’t stop until he hits something or someone, meaning obstacles such as fire, holes, and bodies of water can really ruin his day. It is a delightfully simple concept, rendered in adorably simple, blocky animation that make the game appealing to Minecraft fans and jaded horror junkies alike.

Of course, no 80’s slasher pastiche would be complete without over-the-top kills, each victim being dispatched in slow motion in ridiculously and needlessly brutal ways. A steady stream of expansion packs featuring new kills, characters, and other goodies keep the game fresh, while the increasingly-challenging level design keeps the sense of reward coming when you finally stomp a camp counselor into paste or saw off her head. It’s a smart genre-crossing game that will grab horror and casual game fans alike and squeeze them until their heads pop off. Or they can just download the game on Steam or learn more about it at Blue Wizard’s website.