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Explore Hopper’s Cabin From ‘Stranger Things’ With This Escape Room Experience

Credit: Netflix

When Stranger Things Season 2 debuted we saw the return of Eleven and a crease in the story line is that she is now living with Chief Hopper in his cabin in the woods. An upgrade from his trailer in season 1.

While Eleven is more safe living with Hopper, she is also being held captive so no one finds out her location. The town of Hawkins was not exactly keen with how she used her abilities. She eventually does venture out and tries to piece together her past to find her birth mother. Through a series of images and words her mom mutters during her encounter she was able to find out the real story of what happened to her mother. This feels ripe for an escape room experience.

So when I tell you the company Escape Woods in Georgia has created an escape room around Chief Hopper’s cabin it makes a lot of sense. Did I mention that it is the actual cabin used in season 2? Because it is – how cool is that!?

With more than 60 acres of woods, Escape Woods started with a single escape and has since built eight additional attractions. While Hopper’s Cabin is more tame than say the serial killer escape room experience, it is not easy. Boasting only a 20% success rate, if you are up for a challenge this is the room for you.

Other escape rooms include The Dig, Fun House Massacre, The Bunker, The Shiners: Carnage, Dragon Quest, Nature Ninja and The Gauntlet.

Each escape accommodates between 8 to 10 people.

Which escape room are you most interested in? Visiting a set piece from Stranger Things or trying to escape a serial killers fun house in the middle of the woods? Let us know in the comments and on social media.


Credit: Netflix

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