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Everything is Very Bad and Getting Worse in the Trailer for ‘I Got Issues’

I've Got Issues
Credit: Gravitas Ventures

A dreamy, absurdist comedy, ‘I’ve Got Issues’ tackles existential dread through a series of intertwining stories populated by a motley—but soulful—crew of characters struggling to navigate challenges ranging from office drudgery to questionable guidance from spiritual gurus to the complete implosion of the planet.

Written & Directed by Steve Collins, ‘I’ve Got Issues,’ is narrated by Jim Gaffigan. Which seems like the perfect choice of the tone of the film based on what we see in the trailer.  The film stars Macon Blair (Green Room), Claire Titelman (Veronica Mars), John Merriman (Gretchen), and Byron Brown (From Dusk Till Dawn)

In a deadpan but deeply empathetic tone, the film asks the big questions: “What are we supposed to do with all the hurt?” and “What, exactly, is the point?” While trying to survive their daily doses of despair, Stevens’ characters manage to find the light and offer vicarious therapy for our collective pain.

The trailer just about sums up 2020 in a nutshell. If you want to dive deeper into a pit of despair why not watch this film and laugh absurdly at the situation we are all in for 88 minutes. Take a look at the trailer below.

Available September 15th on VOD.


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