His Camera Obscura series is now playing on Daily Motion & he is bringing Fangoria’s film division to life with 3 new films. More importantly for horror fans he is bringing our nightmares to reality. We had a chance to talk to Drew about all horror & see what lies on the horizon.


DRC: Drew How are you? Thanks for joining us on DownRight Creepy!

DREW: With a name like Downright Creepy, how could I resist! Thanks for having me.

DRC: Are you ready for Halloween? It’s close!

DREW: I am! I’m doing 2 film festivals where my films are appearing, one of which is CARNIVAL OF DARKNESS on Oct 28th here in Los Angeles. My horror short POLYDEUS is having it’s festival premiere there so I’m psyched.

DRC: What are your Halloween plans? I’m officially inviting you to my Halloween party in
Kansas City.

DREW: I wish I could be there! I’ll be trick or treating with my little ones that night. My daughter’s gonna be a bumble bee, my son is Godzilla and I’ll be pimping my FEARnet T shirt and a glass of scotch.

DRC: Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch, down into my belly! So you have a new web series out called Camera Obscura on Daily Motion in partnership with Dread Central – tell us a little bit about that and your inspiration behind it?

DREW: At it’s heart, Camera Obscura is the story of a woman coming to terms with the emotionally distant, alcoholic Grandfather who raised her. She discovers that while he was greatly flawed, and maybe his love for her was more complex than she always thought while he was alive.

But on the surface its the story of a woman who’s world is shaken when she discovers that the same grandfather was in fact a demon hunter, capturing demons using a camera that was half mechanical construct and half black magic. And now, with her grandfather dead and the camera in her possession, the demons take notice and come for her…
DRC: Pretty intense. Each episode helps tell the full story – which would you consider to be your favorite episode in the series if you had to single just one out? So far mine is #11 and the one in which Jack Klugman’s character whom plays the part of grandpa explains the book and camera.

DREW: I have a weakspot for the episode where Clara discovers her dead Grandfather’s drawer of mementos. That one is the very heart of the story I was trying to tell and was semi autobiographical for me. As far as spectacle and measure of dread, I’m a big fan of the Magoria episodes. I love how that demon scares the shit out of people while turning them on at the same time.


DRC: The special fx and overall art direction is really well done – Jeff Farley did an amazing job! Which creature do you feel creeps you out the most?

DREW: I love Corpulence. Jeff created that one entirely on his own with very little input from me. And I got to watch it form on his sculpting table just like the rest of the world. Objectively. At heart I’m a huge monster movie fan and seeing my own monsters come to life under Jeff’s masterful eye is just too awesome for words. the words Christmas Morning come to mind. I’m 10 years old all over again when I get to see a monster of mine that he’s completed.

DRC: It really is amazing work. Tell us about the Terrifying Costume Contest you have going on in conjunction with the series and how fans can enter it.

DREW: Well, Daily Motion is asking people to make a scary ass costume, then video tape them scaring people with it and we’ll judge the videos and give $1000 to the first prize winner. Here’s a secret though… audiences fear the project is labor intensive, but I’ll tell ya, anyone who enters will have a serious shot of winning! So do it!

DRC:Moving onto another huge project you have in the works – You are developing Fangoria’s new film division? Fill us in on the details. You must be really excited about that – any word on what the first project will be?

DREW: The first one will very likely be THE RINGBEARER which I just completed writing. We have a slate of 3 films right now and we’re working on financing completion then we’re off to the races! It’s incredibly exciting for me to help helm the flagship for Fangoria since I’ve been reading it religiously since I was a kid.

DRC: Fangoria has so much rich history that must be really exciting. Congrats!

How will you and horror photographer Joshua Hoffine be working together? He’s a homegrown Kansas City boy!


DREW: Joshua is, quite simply, the greatest horror photographer alive. People have been comparing us to each other for years, and I’m honored by that, to be honest. He tells a whole horror story in one frame. He is going to be production designing a period short film for me in the beginning of 2011. He’s got an amazing eye and he’s like my long lost twin brother so I trust him implicitly with the look of my next film. It’s called NAKED and it’s set in 1736 in the New World and a pair of German pioneers are hunting for a demon that killed one of their children. We’re envisioning it having a Lord of the Rings/Brotherhood of the Wolf feel. Dark Fantasy set in early colonial America. I’m psyched.

DRC: Now I get asked all the time – “what is a good horror movie for me to watch that I haven’t seen…” So I’m going to pose the same question to you – are there any films you would suggest to our listeners that may have flown under the radar?

DREW: Hmm… A lot of people seem to have missed THE CHANGELING (1980). It came out at the same time as THE SHINING and was quickly overshadowed. Changeling stars George C.Scott and a REALLY haunted house. If you’ve missed it, go get it.

DRC: How do you feel about the new 3D direction films are leaning toward these days? Is it just a passing fad or do you think this is something that will emerge more and more in the years to come? I feel like it often cheapens a film and it loses some authenticity. Your thoughts?


DREW: I hate 3D and consider them amusement park rides, not films. 3D is a ploy to force the distributors to get digital projectors, and it’s a fad that’ll be gone in 3 years. Either that or I’m wayy the hell off base. But time will tell. I like story, not shit flying in my face at a million miles an hour.

DRC: What kind of advice can you offer up and coming directors and screen writers?

DREW: Write and film every single day. Digital cameras are cheap, start filming,
and don’t stop. Ever.

DRC: Since the name of our site is DownRight Creepy we started a segment called
“Ask a Creepy Question.”

Drew, here is your creepy question:
I’m going to put you in a scenario where you have been kidnapped. You awake in a room with your wife, and teenage child. You are all chained to the wall in separate corners. Someone will have to die – you must kill one of your loved ones in order for two of you to stay alive. If you do not they kill one of them then you will ALL die. Who would you pick? (awkward)

DREW: I’m a horror writer so I’m going to try and write my way out of this incredibly creepy question. This is the part where I chew my own arm off to try and get out. (laughs)

DRC: I don’t blame you that was a pretty disturbing question. (laughs) Way to add a new twist and pulling the writer card on me. I’ll accept it!

Everyone check out MWG Entertainment’s Camera Obscura now playing on Daily Motion! Follow Drew on Twitter @drewdaywalt. Drew, it’s been a pleasure man – and I hope you have a great Halloween!

DREW: You too! Thanks a lot!