Ed Edmunds is a legend in the haunted attraction industry. Creating terrifying and fun props for haunted houses and business all over the world. Now everyone can get an inside look at how these props are made during Making Monsters at 6:00 PM CST Sunday’s on the Travel Channel!

DRC: Joining us on DownRight Creepy is a creator of the creepy, master of the macabre, the founder of Distortions Unlimited and star of the Travel Channel’s Making Monsters, Ed Edmunds! Thank you for joining us.

What does a guy like yourself do on Halloween? You are surrounded by it year round how does Halloween night differ from any other time of the year for you?

EE: We do almost nothing on Halloween, we’re like Santa the day after Christmas. But that’s O.K., we live Halloween every other day of the year.
DRC: I know as a child you were fascinated by monsters – so what is your most vivid childhood memory of Halloween? Do you remember your first costume?
EE: My first Halloween costume was Casper the friendly ghost, one of those vacu-form 1/2 masks with a printed costume in a box. I was probably 5 or 6. My most vivid memory of Halloween was dressing up as verious monsters for the big Halloween night event at my grade school, Killdeer Countryside School.

DRC: Out of all the years creating monsters, aliens and creepy props, which one stands out in your mind the most?
EE: Boy is that a tough question, Distortions has gone through so many eras and transitions over the last 33 years. But if backed into a corner I would have to say the Electric Chair. It forever changed the haunted house industry and forever changed Distortions.


DRC: Does anything scare you? Can you go into a haunted house and still be scared? Because I know you take pride in scaring your colleagues at your Transworld.
EE: Haunted Houses don’t scare me. I’m one of those guys like the ones I hated to go through Brutal Planet, hands in their pockets strolling around like their walking in the park looking around. Don’t get me wrong I can get startled, but the real physiological fear stuff, nothin’. “I pity the fool who would try to scare me”. Ha…. However I am afraid of screaming in hell for eternity.

Will your kids eventually take over the family biz?
EE: Not likely that any of our children will take over the business, they’ve seen how hard
it is first hand.

DRC: Describe your relationship with Jordu Schell in one word.
EE: Ordained

DRC: Tell us about your comic book. We see a comic book treatment used in between scenes on Making Monsters…
EE: Dan [episode 3] approached us several years ago about doing a Distortions comic book based on characters that we created. We thought it would be great and gave him the O.K. He does all the artwork on birch wood.

What are your thoughts on practical effects vs CGI effects in Hollywood?
EE: Well I still like practical effects better. However after hearing about what will be possible in the future and seeing the latest CGI in the last Planet of the Apes…well… it will take over in many ways and be responsible for a lot of great visuals. Soooo…. We’ll all have to suck it up and enjoy it. You can’t stop progress. You don’t want to be 60 with greasy kids stuff in your hair listening to Sha Na-Na do you. [Boy am I in trouble]

DRC: Planet of the Apes did have amazing CGI. I was impressed and throughly enjoyed the movie.

Do you have any advice for someone trying to break into your industry?
EE: Find a niche and get very good at it. Like Fright Props controllers, Froggy Fog, Kip’s blood and video scares at Pale Night.

DRC: Good, simple advice. I think sometimes we all get caught up in trying to do everything the best we can than focusing on one individual thing to perfect.

Anything you have going on you’d like to plug? Perhaps a new prop you have for sale in 2011 or plans for 2012?
EE: We never know what we’re going to come up with till the very end. If I would plug anything it would be the current state of the haunt industry. It’s changed so much in the last 33 years, it is such an amazing time to be in haunting, Halloween, video productions, printing etc., you can do so much now. Transworld is so great now, we’ve suffered through so many years of being treated like the unloved stepchildren of Halloween. Enjoy it, enjoy the people in the industry, it’s quite a moment in time.

DRC: Thank you so much for taking the time out to chat with us today. Everyone check out Ed and Distortions Unlimited on Making Monsters at 6:00 PM CST Sunday’s on the Travel Channel!