She’s fiesty, drop dead goreous and your new babysitter. Hide the guns, lock your doors and put the kids to sleep!

We sat down with Electra Avellan to discuss her roles in the Grindhouse double feature & Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming movie Machete in theaters everywhere September 3rd.

DRC: Electra thanks for joining us today! Tell us a little bit about your experience working on the set of Machete with yet another amazing cast! Out of all the actors you’ve worked with on your projects like the Grindhouse films, The Blacks Waters of Echo’s Pond, and now Machete whom was your favorite to work with – beside your sis of course.

EA: Hmm, my favorite actor that I have worked with? It’s a tough question, I loved working with most of them, but the best has been my girl, Lindsay Lohan, After working with her and experiencing her mind blowing talent, I must admit I fell in love. But who hasn’t? She’s so charming, talented, and an incredible person. She gets my vote for most unforgettable actress ever. I also loved working with Danny Trejo, he taught me a lot.

DRC: Don’t be mad when I ask you this – just be honest…How does Machete end? I’m kidding…

EA: (laughs) It ends with…. YEAH RIGHT! You have to see it to find out.

DRC: What motivation do you use to act so batshit crazy when you played the crazy babysitter twins and Nurse Mona in Machete? Ex boyfriends, bad hair day, road rage? What’s your motivation?

EA: My motivation comes from the need I have to create incredible insight through the films I make. Every story no matter how scary, dramatic, comedic or action packed, is a story that teaches all of us a lesson of love. And that is the most powerful motivation I’ve had the pleasure to feel, and use before I step into set.

DRC: Was it a rush beating the hell out of the car and shooting machine guns in Planet Terror? Did you do your own stunt when you fall off the car?

EA: YES i loved shattering the windows of that car, It was awesome because I had to do it so many times. And shooting guns was fun too, but a bit scary realizing how easy it is to shoot a gun. And yes, I tried doing my stunts and slipped, thanks to one of the handsome stunt men who caught me I was fine.

DRC: How is Uncle Robert doing? He’s a busy man these days. We just checked out Predators this past weekend and really enjoyed it.

EA: Yes, Predators is awesome, I am so proud of him, and Nimrod Antal (who Directed Predators) He had a big hand on that film too, they are both very talented Directors.

DRC: Have you had a chance to see Predators yet?

EA: Yes. What a great movie, very well done. My favorite character is “Cuchillo” played by Danny Trejo.

DRC: Do you have any other projects lined up for the near future – perhaps another horror / Grindhouse style movie?

EA: Yes I have great projects lined up. And no I cannot speak about any of them. (laugh)

DRC: Is it weird working with him (Robert Rodriguez) on the set? Since it was a more professional atmosphere instead of just hanging out with family.

EA: (laugh) I love working with Robert, he’s brilliant and no matter how serious he is on set he still is incredibly sweet and fun and never stops being my uncle. Seeing his serious side is inspiring.

DRC: Do you embrace roles in the horror genre because you and your sister are slowly becoming cameo scream queens with a big underground fan base.

EA: Wow, strange, I have never been asked that. I think I embrace these roles because they relate to the side of life we all fear and are very curious to play with and know.

DRC: Since you are working on so many horror films lately – what is one of your favorite scary movies of all-time?

EA: My favorite scary movie? hands down, “From Dusk Till Dawn” I mean, come on? It is the best horror movie ever!

DRC: What is the craziest thing you’ve been asked to autograph at a red carpet or convention?

EA: (laugh) A beautiful woman came to my table and asked me to autograph her inner thigh and then she went and got it tattooed. Definitely the craziest!

DRC: Wow that is pretty intense. Did you get to keep your nurse outfit from Machete?

No, but I am going to get it…rah rah rah (evil laugh)

DRC: Let me ask you this – We are almost through July, and before you know it – Halloween will only be a few weeks away. What do you do? Is it low key for you or do you go all out? Are you going to dress up like Nurse Mona?

EA: Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, it is a very spiritually charged day, but also so much fun. This year I am throwing a big party. I’m so excited! I still don’t know what I am going to wear… suggestions?

DRC: I wish I had suggetions – I’m still trying to figure out what I might be! Maybe I’ll be Machete.

Electra thank you so much for taking some time out for us – we really appreciate it. Look for Machete in theaters everywhere September 3, Electra continued success darling.

EA: Thank you for the opportunity to share a bit of myself with the world. I really enjoyed it. I hope you have a wonderful week. I wish you the best with everything you do. (big hug)