Fresh off his MTV Movie Awards appearance we had a chance to catch up with Gabe Basso one of the stars of the upcoming Steven Spielberg movie Super 8.

In theaters June 10.

DRC: Joining us on DownRight Creepy is Gabe Basso – one of the stars of the upcoming Spielberg and J.J. Abrams film SUPER 8

GB: Hi Everybody! Shout out to all the people in Joplin, My mom is from there, she’s been really upset the damage they recieved from the tornado.

DRC: I think all of our thoughts are with those that lost loved ones in Joplin, Missouri. We did a small like-a-thon for Joplin and raised a little bit of money for a couple of families in need. They will appreciate your shout out.

Before we get to deep into the interview tell us how you were able to land this part? I heard that initially you weren’t interested in reading for it and you had no idea it was a Spielberg / Abrams film.

GB: Well, actually, they sent out a fake script to audition with, I didn’t like it and told my mom that I’d rather not do it. And then my sister Ali goes, Maybe it’s a fake script??? And it was. But I auditioned from the bathroom of my grandma’s funeral in Detroit on a Monday, called back in on Wednesday to audition, and was handed the script and told I would be auditioning with JJ Abrams. That’s the first I had heard he was involved. I guess it went pretty well, because on Friday they told me I got the part, my mom picked me up from school at 10am and rushed me to rehearsals, because we were flying out that weekend to start filming on MONDAY! So it went really really fast for me. Everyone else was already attached, and had been for quite a while, rehearsing together etc.

DRC: Give us the low down on your character in Super 8. What is he like and what role
does he play?

GB: I play “Martin”, he is the star of the “movie within the movie”. Which was a lot of fun to do, because not only did I spear head writing the script for that, but had to “act” like I was “acting” which was a blast! But Martin is not real smart, he doesn’t “get it” real fast. He is one of “Joe’s” friends. One of 6 kids who are central to the movie’s plot. Something funny about “Martin”, he throws up when he gets really really upset!

DRC: It sounds lke “Martin” and I have something in common.

How do you think this film will stack up again E.T. and Close Encounters of the Third Kind?

GB: It’s definitely a tribute to Spielberg’s movies. Lots of mystery, JJ doesn’t come out and tell you everything which makes going to the movie fun! Not a prequel, and not a sequel, but just a really great story. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll love the ride!

DRC: Tell us a little bit about your relationship with J.J. Abrams. I’ve seen you two on American Idol and a doing a throwback E.T. pose in a photo that was sent to us.

GB: JJ is amazing. He was like a really cool Uncle or our “dad” on set. He was great at explaining what he wanted out of us. In between takes he would be composing music, or working on Mission Impossible 4, or just goofing around with us kids. But I don’t think that there was ever anything he was doing that didn’t have “meaning”. He’s so brilliant and deliberate, you can SEE his mind working! Honored to have worked with him.

DRC: What was the most challenging scene you had to shoot while making this movie?

GB: At one point during the train crash, Zach Mills who plays “Preston” and I dive under the train station, and they do some exploding under the deck. JJ was like, this just looks like a POOF, we need it to explode! So he says, “guys, we are going to ramp it up, okay?”, Well… they put dust and hey and fake blocks and everything into this thing and BLASTED US with it! It was CRAZY! We really thought we were running for our lives.

DRC: I think I may have seen the scene you are talking about in some clips we have posted on our youtube channel.

Can you tell us a fake ending to Super 8 just to tease our listeners?

GB: My character is actually the big scary monster, it’s actually me, “Martin” in the train. (laughs)

DRC: (laughs) I wish you were telling the truth about that – what a twist that would be!

I know that acting wasn’t something you thought you’d want to do but you fell in love with it while reading lines with your sister who was recently on an episode of Bones. That being said who are some actors or actresses you look up and and admire?

GB: I like Tom Hanks, for the variety of roles he plays. I think Jeremy Renner is sick. Gerard Butler in 300 and Law Abiding Citizen, he was the beast. is crazy good. I’m always impressed with guys who can keep their private lives private too. I wanna be able do that.

DRC: Do you believe in Alien life forms and U.F.O’s?

GB: NO, Not really. It’s fun to pretend, but no.
DRC: Since the name of our site is DownRight Creepy we have a segment where we ask our guest a creepy question. Here is your creepy question If you could abduct any actress in hollywood and take her to your spaceship who would it be?

GB: BETTY WHITE (laughs)

DRC: My first choice was going to be Betty White too! Did we just become best friends? (laughs)

Gabe, thanks for your time today – before we let you go do you have any other upcoming projects you want to tell us about that we can keep an eye out for?

GB: Yes, for sure! “THE BIG C” season two premiers June 27th! Alabama Moon which is just out on video. An Episode of “The Haunting Hour” which is really scary….that’s it for now!

DRC: We’ll be sure to check out those projects. Everyone be sure to catch SUPER 8 in theaters everywhere June 10! Gabe thanks again for joining on DownRight Creepy take care!