Ghost Adventure celebrates it’s 100 episode with a trip to the house where “The Exorcist” film is based on. The episode includes stories and experiences from past entries to the house and many unexpected occurrences. We had a chance to sit in on a conference call with the cast of Ghost Adventures.

The journey to this event has lead paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin through many experience and helped them grow.

“We have really matured as paranormal investigators because we have seen and felt and heard just how real and dangerous this field can be,” Bagans said, “​The 100th episode at the Exorcist house deals with something that we’ve all been through before, possessions. And so this was about learning more about the experiences we went through. And experiences that Nick, Aaron and myself you know as brothers, as friends helped each other.”

The three stick together and keep finding way to make their work interesting for audiences and themselves.

Though many places they have visited have been iconic this house captures their attention because of so much history which surrounds it.

“we have been to very interesting and unique locations all over the world. Throughout our journey through Ghost Adventures, Zak, Aaron and myself and it’s been crazy – a crazy rollercoaster ride. But there’s nothing like going overseas back in time, back into the history very rich in that fashion. And we did that when we went to Romania to Transylvania to investigate Dracula’s capsules,” Groff said.

The investigations have put the three in contact with professionals with many different knowledge of the paranormal.

The professionals come from different areas and are knowledgeable in many different areas.

“investigating up to 100 episodes has definitely matured us. And it’s matured us on a level of knowledge within this paranormal field. And the way that we have learned and gained our knowledge is through our various investigations and the professionals in the – different professionals and scientists and demonologists and what not that we have interviewed,” Bagans said.


The “Exorcist” house brought the investigators one of the grandest surprises from their careers. There was much more they came into contact with that they had expected. They were able to do so by preparing themselves with the right equipment before they made it to the house.
“I’ll give you a little tease here about what we captured because I think personally it’s one of the scariest things that we’ve encountered or captured for a couple of different reasons. But we were using our spear box, our SP7 spear box, one of our devices that communicates within the frequencies to capture spirit voices that come through,” Graff said.

The three reminisced about the manner in which they met.

“I used – me and Nick met back when he was in college. And we helped each other in some projects. And then I met Nick and Zak – I met Zak through Nick and then joined the show,” Goodwin said.

“We – you know Zak and I met through – he actually DJed my wedding which was cool,” Groff said.

The 100 episode will have audiences at the edge if their seats with suspense. It seems like the episode just flies by.

There are surprises and it’s shocking what they find.

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