Downright Creepy: Hey, thanks for taking the time to talk with us.

Leticia Dolera: My pleasure.

DRC: Could you talk about how you became involved with REC 3?

LD: Well, Paco called me and offered me the role. We had actually worked together before in two small pieces, a short film and a fake teaser. For years we wanted to work together so this was the perfect occasion and I was really, really happy and grateful.

DRC: We’re you a fan of the franchise before this? Had you seen the movies?

LD: Yes, yes. I think that in Spain everybody has. I was really really happy to be a part of the saga which is so important for Spanish cinema, and horror cinema in general.

DRC: Right. Absolutely. I noticed that REC 3 starts off like the first two movies where it’s found footage and then it moves into a more traditional cinematic style. I wondered, as an actress, is your approach to your performance different based on those two styles?

LD: Well, in the first style, the found footage style, you have more freedom. You can improvise much more because the camera just follows you and you can do whatever. Actually, in the movie when I stand up and say a few words to my guests in the wedding that was something that was improvised. Someone said “the bride should talk” and so I stood up and talked. So in a regular style of shooting you cannot do that because you have the lighting and everything. So yeah, you can improvise more in the found footage. And in the normal footage you have to be more traditional.

DRC: Do you think that with the found footage style you have more of an opportunity, as an actress, to get into your character a little more?

LD: Yes, because you are really concentrating for a longer period of time. While in the other style it’s more like you’re doing these four lines and then we cut, and put the camera somewhere else and we cut. Well, at least with Paco he’s a really great acting director. He loves directing actors, so in this case nothing was difficult. I felt I could do a good job in both ways.

DRC: Right, your performance was very good so I can tell you that you did do a good job. I had to say that.

LD: (laughing) Oh thank you, I didn’t mean that.

DRC: No, I know you didn’t but it was the perfect chance for me to say it, so I thought I would take it.

LD: Okay, thanks.

DRC: On that same kind of performance level, I know that horror is different than a lot of genres because things are so extreme, even on an emotional level. How would you compare it to working in other genres? Is it more difficult or just different?

LD: It’s much more fun. You connect with this child thing of playing you know? It’s like “yeah, you’re scared, you’re scared! Now you have to run!” It’s really fun.

DRC: Speaking of running, I also noticed a lot of the physical action of this movie fell on you. Was that difficult thing for you to pull off?

LD: Since I knew I was going to be in the movie two or three months before it started shooting I had the chance to get prepared and get ready for it. I was going to the gym four or five days a week and working with a personal trainer to change my body a little bit. If you see my now I don’t look that strong. I mean it’s not like I look like the Hulk in the movie but I’m usually more skinny and fragile. It was this great opportunity of playing this action hero woman that is gonna fight and take a chainsaw and kill zombies so I prepared for it because I wanted people to believe I was able to do it. I also wanted to be prepared for as many takes as Paco asked of me. I was really, really happy to play this character and it was really important to me, so I really wanted to go for it and give my best

DRC: Speaking of that chainsaw, did they give you any training with that or was it just a “let’s play with the chainsaw”?

LD: No, there was no training for the chainsaw because normally people don’t use chainsaws to kill zombies.

DRC: I guess there’s probably not a manual for that.

LD: (laughing) No. But it was really cool and I was happy to do it. I was like “thank god I’ve been going to the gym” because if not I don’t know how I would have done that. Because it was really, really heavy.

DRC: Was it an actual chainsaw then or a prop?

LD: We had three of them. A real one, another one that was less heavy. It made the sounds and worked but it wasn’t as dangerous. And then another one that was even less heavy and it wasn’t dangerous at all. So we had those three.

DRC: I think that was probably the most memorable scene for me, but I was wondering what your most challenging scene was on this?

LD: Maybe the rain scene. Because it was really, really cold out and the water was also cold.

DRC: Was that a full day of shooting in the rain?

LD: Yeah, a full night. It was really crazy. We cut for dinner, and after dinner we had to come back and it was like “no”. Because you were warm and you to go back to cold again. But, I mean it wasn’t really hard. For me, the hardest thing would be to watch the film and Clara not being me. I mean with this great script and great, powerful, character. I love that’s she’s not the girl who waits for the prince to come and rescue her. She’s the one that will go for her prince. So I was ready for everything. It wasn’t hard really.

DRC: Well your performances really showed that. One of the things that makes REC 3 stand out is that it is definitely more of a fun movie and more of a comedy with a pretty strong romance in the middle of it. How much have you had to answer to that or was that change ever a concern?

LD: I was very happy and really surprised, in a good way, when I read the script because the thing I like the most about the REC movies is that they surprise you and give you something that you don’t expect. I went to the Internet when everyone knew that REC 3 was gonna be shot. Everybody said the same things, “it’s gonna be like this and this is going to happen” and I was just like “wow, nobody knows”. Everybody had another movie in their heads and I thought it was really brilliant and also really brave for Paco and Luiso to do something different and to go back to this comedy. It’s more like an Indiana Jones movie with zombies. I also really loved the romantic part. I never imagined a REC movie could be so romantic and I really liked it.

DRC: Me too. Do you have any future projects you’d like to mention?

LD: I’m going to shoot my third short film as a director and I finished a movie called The Last Days which is a post-apocalyptic movie that happens in Barcelona.

DRC: Okay. We’ll look forward those and thanks again for the time. We really appreciate it.

LD: Thank you.