Andrew W. K. is known for his wild stage shows and iconic album cover in which he is bleeding from the mouth. He joins on day two of his new tour. He tells us about his first comic-con experience, his favorite horror movie, what letter today is brought to you by.


DRC: Joining us from the Showbox theater in Seattle, please welcome Andrew W.K. to the show! You are currently on tour right?


AWK: Yes we are on the second day really. I mean the band and I have been on the road for awhile but the first show kicking off the whole world tour was last night in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada. We just got into Seattle and we’re about to head over to the venue to start getting ready for the second show.


DRC: That’s awesome – and you are on tour until about April right?


AWK: Ah until June for me. We kept adding more and more tour dates. We’re going to Australia, we’re going to Japan we added more European dates we added some festival dates so we just keep adding more shows. We’d like to keep the tour going as long as we can.


DRC: That’s good news for everybody. So I guess I will guide everyone over to ticketmaster then – check to see if Andrew is playing in your city, if he is grab a ticket go party, it’ll be a good time right?

AWK: Yeah you can go to and all the tour dates are right there.

DRC: Even better. Alight I want to ask you about you Comic-Con experience last year. We had a very brief interaction. I saw you walking the floor and you were kind enough to stop and chat with me for a little bit took a photo and you were there for your Cartoon Network panel right? Destory Build Destroy?


AWK: Yeah. I was doing TV and interviewing folks. I got to meet all kinds of incredible artist as well as voice actors. It was amazing, mind blowing experience. I had never been – I had been to comic book conventions but never the big San Deigo comic book convention. As I am looking forward to it for many years. I was there for, gosh, 3 or 4 days and couldn’t really believe how amazing it was and that I had never come before. I’ll tell you this, I’ll never miss it again. I’ll go every year for now on – I’m going to New York for Comic-Con too. I went for that and it was just as big I couldn’t believe it.


DRC: Yeah it’s incredible. That thing is a beast out in San Diego. I’ve never been to the New York one but it looks equally as big. It’s really grinding. It’s so fun but – I’ll go back every year but it was my first year too and it’s such a grind.

So you will be back next year?


AWK: A lot of stimulation and a lot of excitement by being totally assaulting by all the amazing people and costumes and displays, not to mention the comic books. I got to see in real life like in person comic books I’d only read about in books and seen in rare collectible books to actually see them there and know you could just buy it. It just seemed a little amazing to me that it just kept going and going. But I’ve loved comic books for a long time – so that was like a dream come true.

DRC: So is Destroy Build Destroy coming back for another year on the Cartoon Network?



AWK: We did 3 seasons 4 batches of episodes and it was an incredible, incredible show. We started to get into some trouble with explosives and the kids around the explosives it become a bit controversial with some parent groups as well that thought I was a bad influence on the kids so I’m not sure if we’re going to get to make anymore. Kids got to work with weapons, tnt, bazookas and all that stuff. I was just blown away that I got to do it.

DRC: It’s pretty wild. If anyone hasn’t seen it before I strongly suggest they go to Cartoon Network and go to TV Shows and look it up. I watched a few episodes on there and it was pretty sweet.
AWK: Yeah Destroy Build Destroy you can still see clips of course. They are still playing episodes. They’re on iTunes and you can get a sense of the show just by watching clips on YouTube. It was really really an incredible experience to me and I love TV and I love explosions. I like to be around competitive amazing kids it was like a real game show but with a lot of fireballs.


DRC: So let me ask you this…if you could have a dream car or blow up your dream car which would you rather do? Because based on that show and what you just said you love blowing things up would you rather have your dream car or blow it up?



AWK: I mean, we got to blow up so many cars there. If I could have any car in the world…I guess I don’t need a car right now. Living in New York we just walk around and take taxi’s. I do like driving so when I rent a car I do enjoy that. It would be pretty fun to buy a brand new Roles Royce coat the whole thing in 24K gold and then blow it up.


DRC: That would be amazing.


AWK: It would be painful but yeah it probably would be pretty cool if it had gold on there.


DRC: It can be part of the special features on the Destroy Build Destory DVD.


AWK: As long as I don’t have to pay for it.


DRC: I’m going to put you on the spot…Give us a party tip!


AWK: Oh a party tip. If you wake up and you can’t remember what you did, chances are it could have been very very fun.


DRC: Ok. Fair enough. Party tips are kind of like…I see you on Facebook all the time, you are very fan friendly you’re always on giving us Party Tips. They are like these little inspirational nuggets of advice. You did motivational speaking for a little bit right?


AWK: Yes, I try to get involved in as many ways as I can to get that party spirit out there. Just like you and I are talking right now. Music iof course a great way but works have great power to them and I’ve enjoyed doing lectures. Going to be doing some in the next couple of weeks as well. Anyway I can get this message of partying and positive power out there to me is good. There are some folks that don’t listen to rock music but I want to still get them excited too.


DRC: Yeah for sure. I know you started doing that I think I read around 2005 and ironically I did some research and found out you were at my college it was one of the first places you went to.


AWK: Really! What school!?

Missouri Western State University…it’s in St. Joseph, MO.


AWK: NO WAY! AMAZING! Yes that was one of them, not the very first one but one of the earlier ones.


DRC: Yeah and the thing that sucked is that I found out it was in 2005 and it was one of the first times you did it and there I was, I graduated in 2005 from there and I completely missed it. So I was kind of bummed out when I found out.

So you’re still doing that though?


AWK: Yes yes! Maybe I’ll be back maybe there will be one more chance. Not that you’ll go back to college but I still do everything I can talking, like we’re doing right now.



DRC: Fantastic. I remember a show back when I was in college called “Your Friend, Andrew W.K.” on MTV2. I loved that show and I didn’t get to see all the episodes and I know you had a few of them.

Basically people would write letters to you and you would go help them out of the dilemma they had in a sense. I know that you had an accident that happened which I don’t recall can you tell us what happened with that


AWK: Yeah. First of all a lot of those episodes you can find on YouTube. Look up Your Friend Andrew W.K. A lot of them have been put up there. They are short clips so it works well on the YouTube format.

Ah yeah, geez whiz! We were driving in New Jersey. We were filming the episode in New Jersey. I was driving this car, it was a rental car we were using for the scene but we were filming. I hadn’t gotten any sleep the night before and ah, I blacked out I just have no memory of what happened until the next thing I know we hit a bunch of cars. Fortunately they were parked and no one was hurt at all and the cars were really totaled. MTV paid for all of it so we all made out really fine I guess. I felt really crazy though, never had that happen before or sense.


DRC: You know i had a similar incident I was driving it wasn’t all that late and for some reason I was out of it and drove off the road into a ditch. I had to climb back up and somebody goes tell them you swerved a deer and you’ll be home free as long as you’re safe.


AWK:  That’s a good excuse I’ll have to remember for next time. It just a miracle that somebody didn’t, ya know, could have been way worse lets put it that way.


DRC: That’s awesome. So people can check that out pretty regularly it sounds like.


AWK: Yeah! has all the details.


DRC: Guy like you…party a lot, party hard. Gotta have a place to do it. You mentioned you live in New York – some people may not know this but you have a club in New York, Santos Party House. How is that going?

Yeah. It’s there, been amazing. It’s the biggest project I’ve ever been involved with outside of doing Andrew WK. Three friends and myself in 2005 got the idea that we should build a brand new club. Dance club and concert hall in New York. Low and behold 3 years later it was open in 2008 and it’s been going strong. It’s an incredible chance to give back to New York City, to build something new there. We’re the first new proper brand new concert hall and dance club in downtown in 20 years. It’s been an incredible adventure.

It’s won quite a few awards locally I think. Village Voice and a few places like that since it’s been open so that’s fantastic.

AWK: People have really liked it. Thank you it’s been amazing.


DRC: I was going to ask you about a movie that i thought you were involved with, it’s a horror movie, I Spill Your Guts. Which we are still trying to find out some details on – and since we don’t have details on that. I’m just curious are you a fan of horror movies? If so what are some of your favorite ones from growing up?

I didn’t see as many when I was younger because you had to be over 18 to get into the theater or your parents had to take you, we didn’t have cable so it was only later, more recently that I got to see a lot of them. One that I always really liked was John Carpenter’s The Thing. Just cause all those really beautiful robotic monsters and effects. It’s really just incredible. Big fan of the special FX.



DRC: Have you had a chance to see the re-imaging of that, the one that came out last year in the Fall?


AWK: No I didn’t. I remember when they announced it and for what ever reason I just couldn’t imagine it toping the effects from the original. But did you see it? Was it good?

I actually did see it and I’ve seen both. Of course the one Carpenter did was a remake of the 50’s version.

AWK: Right of course.


DRC: I was surprised at how well the new one was. They used some practical effects in it but they did use a little bit of CGI. It really kind of brought you back to the original feel. I think the original one is still better. They didn’t overdue it on this – they did it the proper way and still held up the integrity. So I wasn’t completely disappointed or anything like that like a lot of remakes. You might be surprised. Check it out sometime.


AWK: Right. My dad was a big big fan of the original black and white one. I had seen that as well. I think I saw that before I seen the John Carpenter’s version and you know that one is very different too. It’s very quiet and more psychological, kind of the Twilight Zone kind of feel versus the gore and the blood and the monsters.

It’s just a great combination of losing your mind, cabin fever, paranoia, body snatchers kind of approach. Just a great concept for a movie.


DRC: We like to ask a question for our guest we have on the podcast it’s called “Ask a Creepy Question?” So I’m going to ask you a creepy question andI don’t think it’s that far out there compared to some of the stuff we ask but – What are you wearing right now?
AWK: What am I wearing!?


DRC: Yeah.
AWK: I’m wearing a pair of white Levi’s 501 jeans, I am wearing a white Fruit of the Loom crewneck t-shirt and I’m wearing these basketball shoes by Nike the hyperfuse and I’m wearing a funny hardhat and some Oakley shades and a shot letter jacket.


DRC: Somebody asked on our facebook page how many days in a row you have worn your white jeans and t-shirt while you are on tour.


AWK: In the old days I would only bring one pair of jeans and one shirt and wear the same ones. But the smell, not so much for me, but for everyone else in the band and crew and everyone else on the bus it got to be a little inconsiderate of them. So now I bring like many pairs and I will wash them and various ones and change into new fresh ones. They never seem to get completely clean. I don’t want to make the band members on the bus here puke or vomit just because of my rotting bacteria ladden clothes.


DRC: Fair enough. Very courtesy of you.


AWK: Thank you.


DRC: One more thing, what letter is today brought to us by? W. or K.?


AWK: Today is brought to you by the letter W. Which is really two letters combined. Two letters V or two letter U’s. Depending on how you look at it. Really one of the only letters that you get to have two letters in one. And that is our sponsored letter of the day.


DRC: Alright man I appreciate you time. Everybody go to check out his tour dates. See if he is playing in a city near you. Grab a ticket, go party with him and check out some of his music on iTunes. Andrew, we really appreciate your time today. Best of luck on your tour and we hope to talk to you soon.


AWK: Yes, thank you. I had a pleasure, party hard, keep doing what you’re doing and thanks for having me on.


DRC: Alright, take care.