You may know her mostly from her role as Laurie Strode in the Rob Zombie’s Halloween remakes but this horror buff is a rocker sweetheart that can pack a punch.

See what she has to say about Halloween 3, horror remakes and what surprising roles she passed up on after making Halloween.

DRC: So, Scout, Is it true you auditioned for a part in Scream 4?

STC: Um…I passed on Scream 4. I feel like if I’m gonna do another horror movie its just gonna have to be something thats not a remake. Need to do something that’s original, ya know?

DRC: Yeah – you’re telling me you don’t want to get casted in a Final Destination movie – huh? (laughs)

STC: Final destinations always like the same thing over and over but it just gets worse and worse. (laughs)

DRC: Were you upset when you didn’t get the role you tried out for in Friday the 13th?

STC: No! Um, no. Honestly I actually sent in a tape in on that. I feel like if I do another horror movie I can’t do a horror movie that starts a completely different franchise. I just feel like that would be pointless and so weird. I really wasn’t a fan of Friday the 13th. Don’t hate me guys. My friend Danielle (Panabaker) was in it and she did an amazing job!

DRC: Speaking of all these remakes since you are a horror buff did you like the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie?

STC: I didn’t like the new Nightmare on Elm Street. Just honestly, that’s one of the franchises I’m really fond of and since I am a horror buff I was just like, don’t touch it! DO NOT TOUCH IT!

DRC: So I gotta ask, what’s the dirt on Halloween 3? I keep hearing you linked to it but it seems like for right now at least it is in limbo.

STC: Halloween 3 is still in production, I’m sure they’re going to do it but they are still developing the script. I did get an offer about it a long time ago but as for now its still up in the air as to what is going on with it. See my take is, because Rob’s not going to be a part of it, I’m a bit hesitant and I know Tyler (Mane) is as well and I just don’t know exactly where they are going to go with the storyline. And I feel as if maybe I should read the script before I make my decision. But its really hard for me to pass on something that I recreated and just to pass and give it to somebody else. Its just not me and i would never want to do that but i would never want to let the fans down either and I wouldn’t want to be a part of something that I just think is utter… bullshit or crap I guess but I don’t know if it’s gonna be – so as of now I’m in support of doing it but I don’t know when that’s going to be.

DRC: Would you like to be in another one of Rob’s movies?

STC: I would love to be in another one of Rob’s movies. I think when Rob works with somebody it becomes your family, ya know?

DRC: I watched the extras on Halloween 2 and it looked like you went through a lot of miserable situations in the cold wet rain for hours on end and you liked doing your own stunts like falling down stairs. I don’t recall seeing an audition tape like Rob has on some of his other movies. How was the audition process for Halloween?

STC: The audition for Halloween was one of the most stressful freaking things I’ve ever done in my life! I had to go in maybe 6 times – and rob doesn’t like to go into the room and read with the actors he likes to see them on tape. So I had to go in like 3 times and do that with the casting director and put myself on tape for him. Then I finally had to go meet with him (Rob) and actually do an audition in front of him and work with him and stuff. I remember arriving there and I never met him before and I had just seen pictures of him and saw his music videos and I was so intimidated. I remember sitting there in my little dress and ugg boots and just sitting there and looking at this wall that had everybody attached to the film, like everybody! And all the people from Devil’s Reject’s different people he had worked with, Danny Trejo, Malcom McDowell, amazing people and I was squinting my eyes and I look straight and I saw my headshot in the middle of everybody, like dead on in the center. That was really crazy to me and I got super excited!

Then I remember seeing this like crazy haired man and this hat and chain things and these wild pants with these big platform boots and it was Rob. I was so intimidated. Went into the room read with Danielle (Harris) and him (Rob) and read for like 2 hours straight and then left. That night I got a call saying you need to come back tomorrow the studio just really is not certain that they want you. I had to go back the next day and actually do a test for it while everyone else was doing their makeup test. I was the only part that wasn’t cast yet. And, um, I had to do a scene with Kristina (Klebe) and Danielle that scene where we are walking home from school. I had to do that, it was the most stressful thing. I just remember waiting in the car for like 2 days, well not waiting in the car for 2 days, but waiting for 2 days and finally I heard about it and that I booked it. Later on when Rob and I got close I found out that he was the one really pushing for me and the studio, um, because I wasn’t 18 at the time, the studio wanted an older girl for it, he had to fight for me. I was the first girl he saw and wanted for the part. So that was really excited that he actually really fought for me. I owe a lot to Rob and he’s an amazing guy. I envy him, I really do.

DRC: Have you seen Rob in concert?

STC: Yes I have! Isn’t Rob amazing?.

DRC: I’ve seen him twice and loved it!

STC: I saw him on his Mayhem tour. Rob is a very competitive person and the fact that Korn went on after him – he didn’t like that very much. So he like put on the greatest show ever! It was epic! Korn just had like a backdrop that was it, nothing exciting. Rob had these robots and all this stuff with fire and confetti. That’s amazing. Stupid Korn! But I do like some Korn songs but I’m not going to say that to Rob.

We actually went to Rob’s signing thing at the Mayhem Festival and we were coming down a hill and I was like ‘what is this line?’ and his line was so big and Rob is texting me just saying come to the signing booth. And I just figured out that the whole line was for the signing. So I went up and asked ‘excuse me what is this line for?’ and this lady goes, Rob Zombie and everyone just turned around and stared. It’s for your director. (laughs) We find our way to the bottom of the line then try to get around the crowd that’s in front and Wayne (Toth), who designed the mask for Halloween, was behind and I was like ‘Wayne! Wayne!’ Jumping up and down ‘I’m here!” and he was like ‘Scout!’ so he had to pull me through. It was fun it was good times.

DRC: You play a bad ass rebelious girl in the Halloween sequel and it seems to kind of fit your rocker girl personality. So with that being said, what’s your favorite curse word that gives you the most satisfaction?

STC: Either hell or fuck. Probably, fuck (laughs)

DRC: What tv show would you most like to guest star on?

STC: The show that I want to be on is House, I want to be on House so bad! Oh and Grey’s Anatomy – hellz yeah! Grey’s Anatomy and House would be the two shows I’d like to be on.

DRC: Ok then – which is it, McSteamy or McDreamy?


DRC: What is one of your favorite movies that might surprise someone?

STC: Goonies, I love, love, love Goonies! I also love The Exorcist!

DRC: Have you confirmed your role in The GateKeeper yet – I know it’s still in production with some big names tied to it.?

STC: You guys, I’m really excited about it! (GateKeeper) It’s kind of a horror movie but it’s also a comedy. What do you call those? A hormedy? (laughs) That’s with the original Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) which I’m really stoked about and Sam Huntington. Whom I worked with in Sleepover and he’s also in Superman. It’s gonna be fun – it’s gonna be like one of those action Zombieland movies which I haven’t done so I’m really stoked about that.

DRC: Check out Scout in The Runaways that is out now on DVD and Love Ranch playing in select theaters. And of course keep your eye out for The Gatekeeper sometime in 2011.