Q&A: Bill Milner Talks About His Time on the Set of ‘The Lodgers’

Bill Milner plays Edward in Brian O’Malley’s upcoming film ‘The Lodgers.’ It is a classic Gothic ghost story that tells the tragic and haunting story of orphaned twins Edward (Bill Milner) and Rachel (Vega) who reside on a crumbling family estate in 1920s rural Ireland. Though isolated, they are not alone. We had a chance to do a Q&A with Bill Milner to see what it was like working on ‘The Lodgers.’

Q: What made you want to get involved with The Lodgers?

Milner: For me, this was an opportunity to work in a genre that I had not yet experienced so that was particularly appealing. I was also a big fan of David Turpin’s writing which is always the most important thing when deciding what projects to get involved with.


Q: Which aspects of the script were most attractive and exciting to you?

Milner: Looking at the role of Edward, I was really interested in his relationships with both Rachel and the house. There is a lot of depth with David’s writing so there was much to take and from it which I could then use in the performance.


Q: What was it like to work with director Brian O’Malley?

Milner: I really liked working with Brian. He makes everything so calm and easy which is very reassuring.

Q: What was your favorite scene to film, or what scene are you most looking forward to seeing the final version of?

Milner: I’m really curious to see how the ghosts look, as this will all be put in in post. A lot of this film is very visual so I can’t wait to see the final cut. I’m also looking forward to seeing everything that was filmed outside the house!


Q: What was the most challenging part of making this film?

Milner: For me, this was quite a short shoot so I found the quick pace of filming tough at times.


Q: Tell me about the special effects – were you involved in any of these sequences and how did you find it?

Milner: There will be a lot of special effects put in in post production from the underwater shoot but other than that, much of the effects were in-camera.


Q: What was it like filming underwater?

Milner: Willy and his team were great at getting us ready for the shoot, they were a real calming influence on set. For something that I was originally quite nervous about, it actually became one of my favorite parts of the shoot.

Q: Can you talk a little about the locations? Where was your favorite place to shoot? What was it like shooting in Loftus Hall?

Milner: Loftus Hall was the perfect location for the film, it was exactly how I pictured the house to look when I was reading the script. Though it’s steeped in haunted history, it didn’t feel very haunted with a whole film crew knocking about!


Q: As so much of the film was shot in a very remote part of Ireland, what was it like working with the other cast and crew? Was there much of a bond?

It was such a great cast and crew. I got on really well with Charlotte Vega in particular. It’s really important to work on a set where everyone gets on so well – it makes work not feel like work!

Check out the trailer below.