James Gunn met with press during a roundtable at San Diego Comic-Con to promote his upcoming movie SUPER. The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray August 9 and I highly recommend you pick it up. It is super violent for a superhero movie.



DRC: Most of your films have a cult like status, do you plan on doing anything more mainstream or anything like that?

JG: I think my next movie will be more mainstream, ya know. I mean it depends on what you call mainstream. I mean to me, ya know, doing Dawn of the Dead was a mainstream movie. It has cult status but it’s also a mainstream film. And so, whatever my next film is will likely be more, the couple of ideas I’m toying with now are more mainstream than SUPER. Everything is more mainstream than SUPER.

DRC: With Dawn of the Dead being a success how did you take that to a new generation without upsetting the old?

JG: I did upset the old (laughs)

DRC: Well…(laughs) I was a fan of both.

JG: Most people are, most people are. I mean I think that, ya know, again I just never think about those things. I have something incable of doing that. When I was writing the screenplay I never wanted to write a remake because I thought they were worthless for the most part. I don’t want to see a movie then go see the same exact story again. Occassional the second movie is almost like a commentary on the first. I think of that everybody likes Scorcesses Cape Fear or something, but for the most part, or like The Thing which isn’t really a remake it’s an adaptation of the same book or short story that is done in a much different way. But – when Eric Newman came to me with Dawn of the Dead I saw the same situation could be told with a completely different story. And that people would probably be interested in seeing both. And so that’s what I went with. I just thought of telling a good story. When all of the sudden it started coming up on the web that ‘oh no they are remaking Dawn of the Dead’ this is like pissing on the Bible. I, I was shocked. I didn’t know that was going to happen but I never think of that – ya know. I mean I wrote a novel called the The Toy Collector which I used my name as the protagonist name and family members went crazy over that because there’s a lot of abuse and fucked up things in the book. Again there is something wrong with me I have this protected instinct as an artist that I don’t even think of it – so who knows.

DRC: Seemed like a fun cast – how was it like working with Rainn, Ellen…Liv?

JG: Well they are all consamet professionals. The movie was a very very difficult movie to make. But there was no one upset or was a problem. None of them, the main actors. So that was a very reliving to have actors who all showed up on set on time and none of them complained. We’re living in squaller – it was not a comfortable situation. To have Kevin Bacon, who’s been in a million movies, he’s an icon! Then to be in one of these honeywagon trailers which is barely enough room to sit down, is a really cool thing.

Did you have him in mind for that part – or did you ask him to be in it?

JG: No we asked him to be in it – we got him in the movie about a week and a half before we shot. There was another actor that was actually going to play that role but he started to be a problem and I was afraid he was going to be the kind of problem that any of the actors could be. But it just kept showing up and I just couldn’t take that risk. We let him go – and immediately started searching frantically for someone.