10 Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Be a Hit at Your Stupid Party

It’s only September but it’s never to early to start thinking about your Halloween costume for 2016. We’ll give you 10 ideas that are sure to be the hit at your party. Are some predictable? Sure! But our ideas range from the most popular pop culture characters to the down right strange indie film costumes that will leave your friend scratching their heads and a bit creeped out. One thing you won’t find on our list….SEXY FREDDY! Let’s dive in.

10.) Stranger Kids


Everyone’s lovable kiddos from Netflix’s Stranger Things are sure to be a hit at your Halloween Party this year. Mikey, Lucas, Eleven, Dustin and Will are simple and effective costumes you can pull off with a small budget. Eggos and D&D dice are a must. *Over*


9. Harley Quinn & The Joker

giphy-6This outfit requires almost no effort on your end. Spirit Halloween has everything you need to pull of this couples costume that makes it feel so good to be so bad. So if you are into just being lazy and following the trends of society then by all means pick up these costumes this Halloween.

8.) Wonder Woman (2016)giphy-5

Gal Gadot looks fierce as Wonder Woman and so can you! This is another costume with little to no imagination that you can pull off in seconds with a credit card and a Spirit Halloween near you. Slip into that sexy costume (man or female we don’t judge) and grab a shield to fend off all the comments of unoriginality you’ll get at your Halloween party this year.

7. Mr. Life of the Party 

Want to be the most boring guy at the party? Look no further than Mr. Robot. Find a black hoodie, black jeans and a black backpack full of Fireball and you’ll be wondering which of your guest are real or make believe all night long. “Hack” into your girlfriends phone and find out which of your friends she’s cheating on you with. That’s what we call method acting and you’ll have the costume to match!

6.) Where’s the Beef…Squatch

Grab a yellow shirt and combine your favorite Sasquatch / Bigfoot mask with a sesame seed bun and you have everyones favorite Beefsquatch of Bob’s Burgers fame. I also suggest other cryptozoic mash-ups like the Loch Ness Taco and Mothman Mash Potatoes.

5.) Son of Zorn

Look you already have a He-Man Masters of the Universe costume from last year so why not just put a “Z” on the belt and call it a day. Go as Zorn from Fox’s new hybrid live action animated comedy series “Son of Zorn” While you are at it if you have a friend that sorta looks like Michael Cera have them tag along as your son to complete the costume.

4.) Price is Right Contestant

giphy-10 giphy-11
Go as Aaron Paul when he was a contestant on The Price is Right. Find a red shirt that says “Texas” on it. Wear a black long sleeve undershirt. Shave Your head. Find some fake reading glasses. Tennis shoe keychain. Have a dead end career until Breaking Bad. Say “Bitch” a lot and win the god damn showcase showdown to rise to Halloween supremacy. Oh, and you’ll also need a cardboard box spray painted blue or yellow with a fake bid on the front of it. Wear it around your hips with a tiny microphone attached and you can annoyingly overbid on things all night along. PS: I am an Aaron Paul fan.

3. Negan & Lucile – The Couples Costume

giphy-9The perfect twist to the couples costume? Guys you go as Negan and ladies you go as a barbed wire bat named Lucille. Go around all night slapping your friends in their heads after saying Enny Meny Miny Moe. They will LOVE it.

2. The Greasy Strangler

vomit-inducing-red-band-teaser-trailer-for-the-greasy-strangler-socialWhat the hell is this? Well we said one of our suggestions was going to come from an indie film and this is it. So what is The Greasy Strangler about? Ronnie runs a Disco walking tour with his son, Brayden. When a sexy woman takes the tour, it begins a competition between father and son for her love. It also signals the arrival of an oily strangler who stalks the streets at night. What do you need for the costume? Nude Suit, old man mask, white fluffy wig and bucket of lard and nacho cheese. If people don’t like the costume you can be a walking fondue dip.

1. Corey Feldman 

Want to relive the magic of Corey Feldman’s Today Show appearance?  Now you can! With the Corey Feldman costume kit! Remember that Mr. Robot costume you bought? Reuse it again and dance like everyone on national TV is watching. Because they are! Then do some Michael Jackson kick followed by saying how you give all the women around you a second chance at life by being in your band. Cool beans. Wanna see a dead body? (Stand By Me) It’s a Halloween party after all!

So there you have it 10 Costume ideas for Halloween that will make your friends super jelly. Have a better idea? Tell us in the comments!