These 10 ‘Stranger Things’ Fan Inspired Pieces of Artwork Are Incredible

Not since House of Cards has there been a more binge-worth Netflix Original Series than Stranger Things. Since it’s release a few short weeks ago it has captured the imagine of everyone – including some fans that were inspired to do artwork based on the show. Here is a list of our 10 favorite Stranger Thing inspired items from fans!

10.) Hellllo From the Other Side

R.I.P. Barb – Gone but not forgotten.

9.) This Fantastic New Take on the Poster Art

The original poster art was created by Kyle Lambert but The Sonnyfive alternative poster is amazing!

8.) The Rotten Rentals VHS Pack

Not only is this a cool idea to turn the series into a VHS – but Rotten Rentals took it to the next level by stuff this VHS case full of 80’s trading cards, mini monster figures, buttons and a folded 11×17 poster. They hid them in various locations at San Diego Comic-Con as part of a fan initiated scavenger hunt!  Featuring the artwork of Kyle Lambert.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 1.09.52 AM

7.) Steelberg’s Rag Tag VHS Pack

Steelberg took the VHS case one step further and really roughed it up with some exquisite detail.

6.) Crucial Reading Material

Combining the art of D&D with the investigative skills needed to rescue your friends from “The Upside Down”

5.) Explore The Upside Down in This Poster

Now that you have read up on the topic, explore “the upside down” first hand in this rad poster!

4.) What If 11 Were a Disney Character?

We think it would look something like this.

3.) The Stranger Kids in the Style of Anomalisa

Almost life like and a bit creepy.

2.) Ripped Straight Off a D&D Table Top

Check out this incredible 3-D D&D table top inspire art. I wish this was real! Let’s all get together and bust out a 10-hour campaign! Courtesy of deviant art user leoshark.

1.) An 80’s 8-Bit Arcade Game

Someone needs to make this game pronto! In the style of Maniac Mansion mashed-up with Double Dragons.

So there you have it our favorite Stranger Things inspired art pieces from around the world. Do you have a rad piece of artwork we missed out on? Share it with us!by Daft Punk (Track 2)

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