8 Things We All Need Scream 5 to Be

I don’t know about you, but when I watched Drew Barrymore run for her life in the opening scene of Scream, I was instantly hooked and terrified. Scream was the refreshing/satisfying horror film us 90’s teens didn’t know we needed. How many of your friends prank called your house with a “Do you like scary movies?” line? Or wore the ghost face mask for Halloween just to get in everyone’s heads? Since then the franchise has expanded and we have lost even more lovable characters on screen over the years and ultimately the beloved creator Wes Craven. If we are to get a Scream 5 here’s a list of things we need it to be and fingers crossed it will be amazing!

8.) Give us all of the Cameos

It would be amazing to have the entire cast back in one form or another, who cares if they have all been killed off at this point. Seeing a reunion of Billy, Stuart, Tatum and Randy is what we need and it would put a smile on our horror loving faces.

7.) Stick to the Script

scream10When Scream broke out onto the scene in 1996 it was full of clever social commentary. It was a movie of the 90’s and that why we still love it! The jokes were as funny as the slasher scenes were brutal. It was charming and witty and it made us fallen love with all of the characters, even sexy/ creepy Billy Loomis. Don’t break our hearts by flipping the script. Stick to what made us fall in love in the first place.

6.) Kills, Kills and More Kills!

I think we can all agree that the kills in Scream were some of our favorites. I mean who can deny how amazing it was to see Tatum get sucked up in the garage door and ultimately meet her demise? The suspense in the original film can’t be beat by a sequel so just give us more kills. We crave it.

5.) Maybe It’s Time For a Prequel

It is quite possible that if we get a Scream 5 it may be without Neve Campbell. If that is so then what a perfect time to go back in time and find out what really happened in Maureen Prescott’s life. there were plenty of murders talked about through the franchise so why not delve into them. We have always moved forward with with our lovable characters. Maybe it’s time to go back.

4.) We Need an Amazing Killer

Along with great writing, we need a great killer. Maybe it’s a major twist where one of our lovable good guys finally snaps after years of dead bodies piling up around them. Or it’s another sexy killer duo out for revenge. Either way, we need the killer to be satisfying.

3.) Long Live the Queen

It’s very doubtful that we will see the return of Neve Campbell for Scream 5, but we can all hope. It’s hard to imagine a Scream without her or David Arquette and Courtney Cox for that matter. Sadly none have them have said they would come back but we need them if just for one more time on the big screen.

2.) A Fashion Forward Cast

The cast of Scream in 1996 made the 90’s look good. Their fashion statements on screen rivaled those of Clueless. Albeit, nobody dressed better than Cher. But if we get an all new cast with a new story then please let them represent the times as well as our lovable cast did in the 90’s!

1.) Ghostface, Plain and Simple.

It’s seems as technology gets crazier so do the effects and the killers in our movies. But the simplicity of the ghost face mask that could be purchased at your local Halloween store was terrifying enough. The mask, the phone calls and the altered voice were enough to keep us all up at night. keep our killer simple and terrifying.

What would you like to see in Scream 5?