These Faux Topps Trading Card Wax Packs Will Make You Wish They Were Real

I long for the days of wax pack trading cards that included an absolutely un-edible piece of bubble gum. No thanks, I’ll just stick a wad of Big League chew in my fat chubby cheeks. Many times the packs themselves were just as cool as the cards inside. Featuring cool artwork that you could damn near frame after you opened it. Well one artist wants you to do just that as he re-creates and in some cases creates wax packs for your favorite shows from the past and present.

We teamed up with Zack Wallenfang to create a fun throwback wax pack version of  GREMLINS VHS Pack for Rotten Rentals (our store) and he has been cranking out kick ass horror, thriller and sci-fi faux packs ever since! Check out some of our favorites from his collection below.