Potential Replacements for Daryl Dixon on ‘The Walking Dead’

Since the ambiguous Season 6 ending of AMC’s The Walking Dead, speculation has been flying as to who was kissed by Negan’s “Lucille.” Many have conjectured that show runners have kept true to the comics and dispatched Glenn (The Walking Dead issue #100).

But what happens to the undead world if the powers that be kill off fan-favorite and un-bathed heartthrob Daryl Dixon? Fear not because BoomHowdy has you covered with 5 very capable replacements to satiate your “Durrrel” needs:

5. Glenn Rhee:

still_dixon_glennSteven Yuen has done a remarkable job breathing more life into Glenn over the past two seasons. He has turned a diminutive, smart-ass pizza delivery victim into a certified ass kicker and conceivably could fill the larger-than-life shoes filled by a potentially exiting Norman Reedus.

4. Carol Peletier:

still_dixon_carolFor multiple seasons now, Carol has been one of the most intriguing characters on all of television. Portrayed by the terrifically chameleon-esque Melissa McBride, Carol’s character arc has gone from battered and abused wife to grieving mother to remorseful executioner. While Carol and Daryl have a strong unsung tie in the show, severing it with the exit of Reedus could be the proverbial “kick in the pants” that applies another level of vengeful depth, sending Carol into full-on Terminator-mode.

3. Jesus a.k.a Paul Rovia:

still_dixon_jesusLet’s be honest, this guy’s first introduction involved him duping apocalypse-savvy Daryl and Rick and stealing their goodie-filled ride. Portrayed by Tom Payne, Jesus has not had a huge role as of yet but the potenial exodus of Reedus could leave the door open for Jesus’ resurrection.

2. Abraham Ford:

still_dixon_abrahamBITCH NUTS! Daryl leaving the show would leave a huge hole. Enter the foul mouthed, quip-full, hole plugger Abraham. Played by the larger than life Michael Cudlitz, Abraham’s story deviates largely from the comics but he is one of the most popular characters on the show thanks to his handlebar mustache bracketed potty mouth. He’s the guy we’d love to have a post-apocalyptic libation with, provided he wouldn’t leave us to settle the tab after smashing his empty beer bottle against our skull.

1. Morgan Jones:

still_dixon_morganArguably one of Britain’s best exports, Lennie James‘ work as Morgan on The Walking Dead has been phenomenal.

One part Buddhist monk, one part moral center, and two parts bo staff wielding badass gives Morgan the best chance to fill the character void should Daryl realize his demise.

So does Daryl die? Who knows? It’s fun and at the same time life-altering to think of the most popular show in the history of cable television without its brooding heartthrob. Do YOU have another character that should be include?

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AMC’s The Walking Dead returns Sunday, October 23 9/8c.