Our Top 10 Horror Games That Will Freak You Out

Halloween time is upon us for many people that means laying around the T.V. eating candy and binge watching their favorite horror films. However it is also a great time to play some truly terrifying horror video games. Games that are great to play with the lights out headphones on creating that perfect interactive experience. So here it is…..

10.) Slender The Arrival

For those of you who know about the myth of the slender man you know how the stories alone are creepy enough well now you can investigate & live through your own terrifying slender encounter with this game.

9.) Eternal Darkness

A hidden get on the Nintendo GameCube of all systems this game has to be played to understand but it will mess with your mind literally & physically

8.) The Suffering

still_horror_games_sufferingAs if being sentenced to prison For murdering your family isn’t bad enough now you have to deal with a creepy inmates who have been horribly experimented on in this haunted prison atmosphere.

7.) Fatal Frame 2 Crimson Butterfly

Japanese Horror is some of the best and The Fatal Frame series is good enough to be its own cinematic experience as you walk around a haunted house snapping pictures hoping to catch a ghost.

6.) Condemned Criminal Origins

A launch title For the Xbox 360. This game caught me by surprise looking amazing graphically and placing you in shoes of an FBI agent a must play For any 360 owner.

5.) Outlast

One of the best games to play in the dark with your headphones as yiu walk around and investigate a creepy mental institution if you don’t sh!t yourself at least once playing this game there must be something wrong with you!

4.) Dead Space

EA the king of sports games delivers a great sci-fi survival horror game here.

3.) Until Dawn

A new game that deserves this number 3 spot. A PS4 exclusive where you are living a horror movie each choice you make in the game will effect your next move giving this game a very high replay value.

2.) Resident Evil 4

This is a tough toss up cause the first and 2nd resident evil games are so good i just never could get past those tank controls it wasn’t until RE4 that I finally got to enjoy a resident evil experience start to finish with out stopping. Great atmosphere great story great jump scares a must play for any survival horror fan.

1.) Silent Hill

And for my number one choice i had to go with the first silent hill game for the PlayStation. Yes many fans of thee series live by part 2 but this was the game that grabbed me and said survival horror games are the next level of horror cinema entertainment. I love the story and walking through  foggy scary town of silent hill and the twist in the end. This is playing a great horror film it’s too bad the movies are not as goo. Ha!

Honroable Mention…

Friday the 13th – The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game is an upcoming survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and Illfonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.