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From the Creators of ‘Wyrmwood’ Comes the Trailer Debut for ‘Nekrotronic’

Credit: Momentum Pictures

The demon hunting film Nekrotronic debuted last year at the Sitges Film Festival and today we have the official trailer debut. Brought to us by the same team that created Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead (Panic Fest Alum) you can expect a wild in your face brand of horror with a hyper color palette grounded in reality. The smash cuts in the trailer give me an Edgar Wright vibe mixed with the obvious Ghostbusters proton pack re-imagined. “Suck on this” ghosts. Check out the trailer and synopsis below.

Howard North, a down on his luck sewage worker, gets dragged into a global conflict between the Nekromancers, a family of badass demon hunters, and Finnegan (Monica Bellucci) – an evil demon who absorbs people’s souls to increase her power. When Howard finds out the truth behind Finnegan’s past and her dark plans for the future, he teams up with his new friends to discover he is the ultimate Nekromancer, the only one with the power to defeat her and save the world.

Nekrotronic comes to limited theaters and digital HD on August 9.


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