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Netflix Trailer for ‘Eli’ Tells You to Fear What’s Outside, Face What’s Inside

Credit: Netflix

ELI is the story of a young boy plagued with an unknown, debilitating illness that requires him to live completely sealed off from the outside world.

After exhausting every option, his parents put their trust – and his life – in the hands of a doctor whose experimental, cutting edge treatments at her clean house facility may hold Eli’s last hope.

As Eli undergoes the tremendously intense process that could potentially cure him, he begins to be haunted by experiences that make him question who he can trust and what is lurking inside the house.

The film stars Charlie Shotwell, Max Martini, Sadie Sink, with Lili Taylor and Kelly Reilly. Eli is directed by Ciarán Foy.

Coming to Netflix October 18, 2019.

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