If you missed the #DeathParty watch on Twitter last night to celebrate the release of ABC’s of Death 2 then you still have a chance to get in on the fun! It is now available on VOD in all its glory.

In 2013 the most ambitious anthology ever created was released to an unsuspecting public. It divided audiences. Some claimed it was a much needed adrenaline shot to the heart of horror. Many others claimed it was reprehensible and vile. After its release on home-video and especially Netflix, the film evolved into the equivalent of a cinematic boogeyman with teenagers daring each other via social media to watch the film. In 2014 it’s happening all over again. This time with an all-new line-up of international directors. Twenty-six NEW directors. Twenty-six NEW ways to die.


“ABCS OF DEATH 2 is a sequel. And sequels are always problematic. Try and do something completely different from the first outing and you’ll end up frustrating most of those that loved the original. Do a clone of the first and the very same audience will accuse you of being lazy.


Luckily for us this decision was taken away from us as producers. The format of ABCS means that we have very little editorial control of the final film. We made an early decision that because we were asking a lot from all the directors involved – the best gift we could give them is to not interfere. This was after we made sure that we weren’t going to have any similar segments and that toilets didn’t feature in multiple shorts (something that happened last time). We were there to offer feedback to all the directors involved and when we felt something might be an issue (when seen in the larger picture of the finished feature) we discussed it with them.


This sequel is a different film from the first one. The overall quality appears higher and the variety of films is even more diverse. It’s not as taboo-busting as the first film nor as anarchic in some of the tonal shifts. This will probably please many of the distributors around the globe where the first film encountered censorship difficulties.


The idea for this project stemmed from my curiosity as a child towards Angela Banner’s somewhat surreal Ant and Bee (1950) educational series. These were beautifully illustrated books that expressed a narrative through the learning of the Roman alphabet. It’s interesting to note today’s various ABC books and how formalized they are in their approach to introducing the world to the minds of the innocent and unaffected.


Originally intended to teach religious instruction the books evolved into more generically illustrated mnemonic aids, where everything one needs to know about the world is handily presented under one letter and one object. The idea of subverting that format to reveal a study in how one can leave this world was appealing on multiple levels. There is a humorous irony that early forms of the ABC books used fear of punishment to ‘teach’ the young.


The ABC project allows a up-and-coming directors to showcase (and hopefully show off) their talent alongside some more established names in the industry. The idea of a genre-driven creative omnibus on a global scale is as exciting to us as producers as it was the first time around.