Elite Comics has signed on as executive producer of, the science fiction short The Runaway Sun directed by David Matheny. Really looking forward to see what the group of talented people they put together can do. We have some great shots of concepts from artist Rudy Garcia and Kyle Strahm. Keep your eyes here for more updates on the film and some really cool events they are putting together around the short film.

David Matheny is a cutting edge filmmaker pushing the KC film scene for all it’s worth. His other award winning shorts and his feature, ‘My Step-Dad’s a Freakin’ Vampire,’ which is now on Netflix, were all shot and produced right here in KC. The bigger story is not that Matheny is prepping another digital wonder. It’s that he is tapping into a rich local pool of talented artists and craftsmen and making the Midwest film scene shine. With the advent of digital filmmaking, Hollywood becomes just another address. Film now happens everywhere and KC is ready to produce it.