HOLY ZOMBIES……..Popular Capcom video game series Dead Rising will be the next of the video game franchise to receive a movie. This completely digital full length film is set to debut on Sonys Crackle streaming service and is the first film created by Legendary digital media. It is reported that transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura will serve as the films executive producer and Tim Carter will write along side Thomas Harlin for Contradiction films which brought us the Mortal Kombat Legacy digital series. After the films crackle debut its set to be released on DVD, TV, and VOD no release date has been
announced at this time.


For those of you that are not familiar with Dead Rising franchise it is about your basic zombie outbreak across the world. The first games protagonist Frank West is a reporter who goes to investigate a strange outbreak and gets trapped in a shopping mall with hundreds of zombies. Some of the games notable features are amazing custom weapon creations with anything you can grab and cos-play that will surely make you laugh.

In case you haven’t seen Dead Rising 3 yet, check out this awesome trailer from IGN!