Channel Zero: No-End House Episode 3 – “Beware the Cannibals” Recap

“She’s the closest thing I have to a sister.”

Those shouldn’t be chilling words, but Channel Zero: No-End House finds a way to make them so. Fans left thoroughly disturbed by what they saw at the end of episode 2 will be pleased to know that the follow up episode dives right into the problem and we find just how wrong things are inside the house and how rapidly things take a dark and violent turn.

The episode is entitled Beware the Cannibals and it reveals exactly what that ominous graffiti spray painted in the vestibule of Room 1 meant. Everything created by the house – Margot’s father, Lacey’s perfect husband, and whatever the thing is that’s stalking Jules – is crafted from peoples’ memories, but they must consume other memories in order to survive. Naturally this bodes ill for JD’s doppelganger who rashly killed his own food source.

Up until now we have seen the relationship between Margot and her father, both past and present, only in the most loving terms. With him unwilling to keep his predations a secret, it takes a drastically darker town now. John Carrol Lynch is in top form as the Father in this episode as this dangerous simulacrum of a deceased man fluctuates between loving, desperate, and deadly from one moment to the next.

Beware the Cannibals also gives us glimpses of how weird the final “room” of the No-End House really is. The more we learn about the grotesque reality of the Cannibals, the more we see just how alien the world they inhabit really is. The story feels more like a proper horror movie now with a band of young people struggling to escape a trap they blindly walked into while being hunted and preyed upon. With Channel Zero’s compressed six-episode arcs this is the middle point of the series and it feels like we are reaching a critical moment. As the heroes plan their escape from the No-End House we are left just knowing it will go wrong somehow, yet just as eager to see it through with them until the end.