I’m not a scientist. Perhaps if I had taken my high school and college years a little more seriously, I would’ve been. Instead of being a paleontologist like I thought I was going to be, I became a video editor that travels around the country looking for his next rent check. I can trace the time my love affair of dinosaurs and film mixed together to one fateful day in June of 1993. That day was when my parents took me to see Jurassic Park.

Throughout the decades since, I get giddy when I watch one of my multiple copies of the film I own (from VHS to Blu-ray), I occasionally go through the toys still at my childhood home and remember the days long gone of me playing Jurassic Park in the un-mowed backyard. I was there for the sequels…I defended them to anyone who was let down by them. I even downloaded the scripts for the rumored fourth film. If Isla Nublar had participated in The Hunger Games, I was their tribute and champion.

So it should come as no shock to anyone reading that when Jurassic World was announced for an original release of 2014, I was ready. Ready to the point that I’m sure I had the “Shut up and take my money” meme ready to post to every social media site I belonged to. Then it was pushed back to 2015. I was more sad that a nearly 30-year-old man should be, but I understood. Hey, if this gives me a better film…so be it.

Yesterday, JoBlo.com let “leak” some POTENTIAL SPOILERS (so stop reading now if you don’t wanna know what was said.) about what Jurassic World is supposedly all about.

Mr. Hammond…the park is working. Now, this isn’t new news. It was rumored almost immediately that the park would be functioning and a much grander vision than what John Hammond and InGen ever imagined. I’m all for a functioning park if for no other reasons than it’s a fresh idea and provides more people to be eaten.

Where my skepticism came in was the blurb about the dinosaurs. When Jack Horner first said that there was a new, big bad dinosaur that would terrify us…I was in. I loved the inclusion of Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park 3 and my mind was racing with ideas on what could trump that. Giganotosaurus? Carcharodontosaurus? Turns out, if this rumor is to be true, that it’s something not on the fossil record. It’s something that has been spliced together and reportedly even has camouflage capabilities. I’ll let you come to grips with all this in your own way. Wanna flame a message board? Fine. Wanna drink? Fine. Here’s how I came to grips with a rumor…as silly as that sounds.

As a fan of dinosaurs in general…I was bummed. But the more I thought about this rumor and more I talked with other people about it (think of it as Jurassic Park Support Group) I came to terms with something that could be kind of cool. And here’s how it happened. Jurassic Park as a book and film series was built upon the idea that we as people could do anything. Ian Malcolm in the first film put it best when he said: “You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could, you didn’t stop to think if you should.” This is important because the scientists responsible for these creations would at some point probably start playing with DNA in order to perfect their creatures. What if they created something horrible by mistake…or worse…on purpose?


The dinosaurs in the films and book aren’t true dinosaurs as they are to begin with. Dilophosaurus didn’t spit venom and there is zero evidence to prove that they had those super stylish neck frills. What about the stars of the series, the vicious pack hunting Velociraptors? Not quite. The raptors in the movies would be more akin to Deinonychus or Utahraptor. And if this rumor is true and the dinosaur has the ability to camouflage? Jurassic Park author Michael Chrichton took scientific license with that in his sequel book The Lost World. The Carnotaurus had that ability in his universe and it was terrifying to read about something hunting you that you couldn’t see.



So while this news may be devastating to some and absolutely nothing to everyone else, I feel the best way to react to this is to wait for the big picture to form. Lay down your cash and see the movie. Don’t let social media and message boards dictate your line of thought. Form your own opinion in the form of a movie ticket.

Until next time,

Rob Welcher