A Creature Lurks in Woods in the First Trailer for “Arbor Demon”

Patrick Rea’s latest flick, “Arbor Demon”, previously known as “Enclosure” before Gravitas Ventures picked up the film, now has an official trailer. Rea is known around the horror industry for his top notch short films and more recently for his full length feature “Nailbiter.” His new film will make you never want to go camping again.

“Arbor Demon” is an adventurous married couple and an injured hunter are held captive inside a claustrophobic tent by a supernatural threat. For an unknown reason, the tent has become their only safe haven. Soon tensions rise inside the Arbor Demon and the truth about the attacker is revealed.

The film stars Rob Bouton, Jake Busey and Fiona Dourif. It is set to release on February 3, 2017. You can see it first at our film festival Panic Fest in Kansas City January 27-29!