Horror, Sci-Fi and fans of awesome things get excited and get out your F’n check book to help fund the latest project from Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillispse! You may know their work from MANBORG, BIO-COP, FATHER’S DAY and W is For WISH in ABC’s of Death 2!

For their next project they are asking you to throw some extra cash their way to help them actually have a budget to work with. Holy hell! Can you imagine what they can do with an actual budget!? Check out the details and IndieGoGo campaign pitch.



“We’re launching this campaign early in order ensure that the film’s special effects are achieved practically. It’s important to start building our film’s creatures immediately to ensure we can realize them on set and in-camera.” said Kostanski and Gillespie.
Typical independent productions access funding mere weeks before a shooting window, often necessitating that visual effects be implemented during post-production, when the filmmakers have more time and resources to apply them. “Through crowd-fundraising support, Cave Painting Pictures intends to buck that trend by prioritizing the pre-production period and permitting Steven and Jeremy to get a head start in the development of the various creatures that will terrorize the heroes of THE VOID” said Walker.

THE VOID marks a new chapter in the rising trajectory of Kostanski and Gillespie, who are also both design and FX veterans of major Hollywood productions. This project sees them shedding their parodic sensibilities (as seen in their previous films made as part of Winnipeg’s ASTRON-6 collective) in pursuit of a more serious and scary tone. However, as in Kostanski and Gillespie’s previous films, there will still be a strong commitment to practical special effects.