Danny McBride Isn’t Kidding Around With the Halloween Movie

When the news broke that Blumhouse would be producing a new Halloween that would feature writer/director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride millions of moviefans experienced a synaptic explosion. The man who directed ‘All the Real Girls’, ‘Snow Angels’, ‘Pineapple Express’, and ‘Joe” is teaming up with the man who brought us ‘Vice Principals’ and ‘Eastbound & Down’ to bring us the next chapter of the Michael Myers saga.

All of this just screams wild card.

While David Gordon Green has always been ecletic with his choices, McBride is known mostly for comedy. McBride, though, has stated publicly that this Halloween will not be funny. It will be scary. And it will take place after Halloween II and will feature Michael Myers.

The rest is for our recently frazzled synapses to try and guess at.

My guess is that the masks from Halloween III will be related to the mask of Michael Myers and that mask is what drove Mr. Myers to invincibility and homicide.

Okay, please don’t let me be right about that. Regardless, the direction of the new Halloween just got a lot more interesting. That’s not even mentioning that Carpenter himself is in support of the project and hinted he may do the score.

My synapses can only take so much. I need to go lay down.