Dark Secrets Lurk in ‘The Basement’ Trailer

The Basement is the first featured film from director Laszlo Illes. If the trailer is any indication of how creepy this concept could be then count us in. It appears one of the dark secrets that lurks in the basement featured in the trailer are mannequins – but some of them are not what they seem. In fact some of them look to contain real human remains. Drawing some inspiration perhaps from the horror classics, House of Wax and Maniac? Check out the, new poster, official synopsis and trailer below – then check out The Basement at Panic Fest in Kansas City on January 28th! For more details on the fest and the screening check it out here: Panic Film Fest

The super scary movie is about a group of international student, who end up in a horrific basement, after a huge house party. Officially the place is totally abandoned for decades, but for real: mysteries, supernatural freaks, blood and death awaits them. They try to escape at all costs, but it’s getting worse in every moment.