The “Devil’s Call” is Like “The Revenant” With Witches – and It Could Get a TV Adaptation

“Before I leave you in this world, my dear, I aim to record what came to pass when your momma rode from the Nebraska Territory to Louisiana to the frozen Badlands to bring to justice the monster who murdered your father.”

These are the opening lines of DEVIL’S CALL, J. Danielle Dorn’s debut novel—a western horror revenge tale about a pregnant witch in the Old West who hunts down the man who killed her husband. Written as a letter to the child she carries, DEVIL’S CALL is a brew of enchanting horror, the occult, and historical fantasy—but most intriguingly a re-animation of the Western revenge tale. As the genre witnesses a huge comeback in pop culture, with the recent successes of The Revenant and Westworld, Dorn’s first installment in the series offers a thrilling debut rife with big screen potential.

Circulation of the early manuscript in Hollywood ignited much interest for film and TV rights, while Dorn received acclaim for “prose evocative of a young, female Elmore Leonard—but with a contemporary and hybridizing element of magical realism that tilts toward horror.” Dorn, who works at Best Buy by day and writes fiction by night, exemplifies the kind of new author voices Inkshares’ studio-for-stories aims to amplify.

The book will release in paperback this summer, July 18th. Inkshares is close to securing a TV adaptation of the book.

More details as they are made available.