Director of “Hounds of Love” Draws From Real Life Fears for SXSW Debut

The debut trailer for Hounds of Love is eerie, slick and creepy. The film will be premiering at SXSW 2017 in mid March.

It centers around suburban Perth during the mid 1980s, when people were unaware that women are disappearing at the hands of serial killer couple John and Evelyn White.

After an innocent lapse in judgment, Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted by the disturbed couple. With her murder imminent, Vicki realizes she must find a way to drive a wedge between Evelyn and John if she is to survive. Hounds of Love is an exercise in expertly-crafted tension, offering a bold, challenging debut from writer/director Ben Young.

Ben has captured these moments perfectly on film and drew his ideas from real life fears growing up as a child.

“I was drawn to the idea of Hounds of Love after reading a true crime book about female serial killers. It triggered a strong memory of fear from my childhood that was instilled by my parents as a result of crimes committed by a serial killer couple. What was terrifying to me  growing up was the idea that a woman (and a mother) could partake in these awful crimes against teenage girls and for what – love? In an attempt to comprehend this in my adult life I became deeply fascinated by the psychology of co-dependent relationships and began to understand just how they can manifest. A sociopath seeks out the vulnerable and the oppressed, grooming them to the point where they can control and manipulate them into doing even the most heinous of crimes, all in the name of ‘love’. There was so much I wanted to expose and explore in this because, although these cases of co-dependency are extreme, there is no doubt that different levels of power plays exist in many relationships, so much so I can even draw parallels in my own.

Thematically the film is about control and domestic violence, themes that by their very nature are universal. For me the film is a thesis on the psychology of the kinds of people who remain in these destructive kinds of relationships, not a justification for the heinous acts some of them commit as a result. ”

You can catch Hounds of Love at SXSW Film March 10 – 18.