I for one really loved what Prometheus brought to the table. When I first walked away I was a bit disappointed but since then I’ve watched it about 3 times and like it more each time I watch it. BUT – the thing that is most enjoyable for me about Prometheus is the art direction. Which is probably why Neill Blomkamp’s vision of a new ALIEN movie was so intriguing.

He teased fans on his Instagram account with what could have been if he was able to work on a the new ALIENS sequel project for FOX. According to Neill the project will never see the light of day.

It’s not certain whether Blomkamp is moving on due to other interests or whether Fox actually rejected the project. What is certain is that the concept art in these Instagram posts, which include a reunited Ripley and Hicks plus a look inside the evil Weyland Corp, are far more exciting than, well, anything about Ridley Scott’s full-scale franchise reboot.

A petition has been started to get the film made. Sign it here to support the cause!