“A few weeks ago I launched a new entertainment site called Boom Howdy. The site covers a variety of things including all genres of film, TV, toys, gaming, pop-culture and on occasion sports. Along with the new site comes a podcast network with original shows that are currently being developed. It takes a lot of work to create content for sites such as this and Downright Creepy. So for that reason we will be merging the two sites into one.

What does that mean? Downright Creepy in its current form will no longer exists. But it will live on as a horror blog on Boom Howdy. In the next few weeks we will be transitioning some DRC content over to Boom Howdy and merging our social channels.

I’m excited to be able to cover things outside the horror genre after almost 6 years of building Downright Creepy – regardless horror will always be my first love.”

– Tim KC Canton
Downright Creepy Founder