Let the nostalgic feeling flow through your veins with this Evil Dead VHS trailer cut. I love the cheesey narration, and gritty film quality. Add to that an aged sound and you get the VHS trailer for the new Evil Dead flashing back to the original 1981 film.

YouTube user P. Parker, took footage of the 2013 film and gives it the look of being a trailer on an old VHS tape then pulled the audio from the 1981 Sam Raimi-directed original, adding to that “old-school” feel.

A few months ago Downright Creepy started creating Rotten Rentals which were essentially a throwback to VHS horror films by using VHS cases to crammed them full of horror goodies like trading cards, stickers and other movie promotions. One of the new films we converted to a VHS cover was Evil Dead and fans seem to love it!

Fede must have took note because he created his own Evil Dead VHS artwork for the new film!