Experience a New Dimension of Gut-Blasting Terror in ‘Slayaway Camp’

Prepare for a blast from the past in the future. What? Slayway is a throwback to the 1980’s slasher film but with a mindcraft / 8-bit twist. The S’lay’a Way tribe (pronunciation: SLAW-ah-weh) once roamed the forests and mountains of this dark region of western Cubetonia. Remnants of their misunderstood rituals have been long forgotten, and today, a modern youth camp sits atop their ancient burial site. Featuring the voice talent of Mark Meer (Mass Effect) and Derek Mears (Friday the 13th).

None of that really matters, though, as one uninvited guest—completely unrelated to the ancient history of the S’lay’a Way—is all it takes for true evil to take hold of what was meant to be a simple summer of sunny innocence.

Experience a new dimension of gut-blasting terror as an unspeakable killing force of skull-faced destruction slices and dices his way through smart mouthed, oversexed, substance-abusing young adults. No teenager is safe… No law enforcement enforces the law enough… and no animals are harmed… in the summer horror blockbuster smash hit of 1984: SLAYAWAY CAMP.

Slayaway Camp is coming to Steam on October 25th. Just in time for Halloween!