We have a couple new images for THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN remake. THE SACK IS BACK! I’m a sucker for a simple emotionless burlap mask no matter how obscure the source material may be. The film had flown mostly under the radar since the original release in 1976 unless you are a hardcore horror fiend.

The original film, directed by the  Charles B. Peirce, was based on the Texarkana’s ‘Moonlight Murders’, To this day, the so-called ‘Phantom Killer’s’ identity has never been discovered, a fact that serves as the basis for the modern day remake.

I think this remake has a great chance to be a sleeper hit of 2014. Why? I have faith in the people involved with the film.  Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and produced by Jason Blum & AMERICAN HORROR STORY creator Ryan Murphy. Blum’s projects haven’t always knocked it out of the park, but they have been original. I’m hoping he can bring a signature style to this film that he has been able to do with his recent work. Ryan Murphy has also been creating blockbusters of his own with the AMERICAN HORROR STORY franchise. Let’s see how he does with a cult classic. This will be the first time the film has been introduced to many younger horror fans, so it will be a chance to grab a new fan base for an old classic. Dennis O’Hare is also attached to the film who has had a part in every season of Ryan Murphy’s AHS franchise.

Would I rather see original concepts? Sure! Do I mind revisiting the classics if you can improve on them? Of course. But if you blow it don’t make another one!!! No word yet on a release date or if this will get a theatrical release.

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Source: IHorror