While the idea of a horror NES game sounds AWESOME, they are often a letdown from the original source material.  Somewhat clumsy and nonsensical game play could drive you mad – but getting a taste of the golden age of horror is worth it. Friday the 13th on NES has had a revival as of late with 8-bit products around every corner. The resurgence really came when NECA released an 8-bit color scheme action figure of Jason at SDCC in 2013. Since then many other action figures and products have played off the nostalgia – even Freddy got in on the action with an NES figure of his own.

Now the two can battle it out since Shop Flashback Games hacked Freddy vs Jason NES game.  Instead of being a counselor saving your kiddies you are Freddy Krueger hunting down Jason and slaughtering camp counselors along the way!

To join the fight you’ll have to drop $40 on the table to bring home the 8-bit battle. While it is a bit pricy, hardcore gaming fans will want to pick this up.