FUNKO continues to bring us fun and lovable creations even when some of them might be EVIL! The next release focuses on the FX hit, American Horror Story. The new season of AHS is set to premiere in October with FREAK SHOW! Perhaps one of the more intriguing environments that the show has ventured yet. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 3. The main reason I continued to tune in each week was for Katy Bates. She stole every scene she was in!  Hoping that a killer clown, two-headed woman and the return of Pepper will bring something darker to the show that I felt like it was lacking overall last year.

That being said we will have to wait to see what FUNKO will have in store for FREAK SHOW after season 4. Until then you can enjoy these vinyl toys from season 1 – 3.


Source: I-Horror