Turn down the lights, fire up that game console, grab your head phones cause its time to play Slenderman The Arrival! I know that sounds like the start of an intimate evening with with that special someone but that is the only way to play this game completely setting the atmosphere and when you play this game you’ll notice it is the atmosphere first that creeps you out. When you start the game you jump right into the story as being seen through the lens of a video camera walking down a old country road in the woods to what seems like a fall evening the sun setting and night time is coming. As you start down the road you hear the creepy sound of leaves crunching as someone is watching you following you this totally sets the tone! Once you get to the end of the road you come across this house that seemed to have had some kind of disturbance and from there on out it starts to make sense you are looking for someone who has disappeared. Walking through the house gives a eerie feeling that something bad has happened here lights on chairs knocked over and strange drawings on the wall of what appear to be trees and a tall man in a suit.

Slenderman The Arrival is a very creepy game based off the earlier released PC game slender the 8 pages which was a short game to help inform and scare internet gamers on the story of the Slenderman. The arrival has better visuals a scarier atmosphere but isn’t really any longer than the original. In fact the campaign alone is roughly only 2-3 hours long and the game play can get very repetitive but I still couldn’t quit playing cause the eerie story and scares sucked me right in. That is what the game really has going for it is the scare factor if you are a hardcore gamer looking for the next great downloadable title this isn’t it but if you are looking for a fun quick little horror survival this is for you however once you play through the game that will probably be it unless you want to go through and unlock 10 of the games achievements or trophy’s or try to find several of the games hidden Easter eggs.

I will say this playing this game is like playing a interactive horror movie I had goosebumps the entire time I was playing and am not gonna lie jumped several times and had to pause it to take a break cause I felt like someone was standing behind me watching me. Playing with a nice set of surround sound headphones really helps that game play and it was announced on the games webpage that it supports the Oculus Rift V.R. head set coming soon which I can only imagine would really make you feel like you are apart of the game and deliver the best scares possible. The game is available for download on the Xbox 360, PS3, and STEAM for $10.00 in my opinion that is kind of a high price for such a short game but none the less the game is a great way to kick off the halloween season that is upon us.